Properties of Rose Quartz and Stone Jewelry

A variety of rock crystal - rose quartz, is a mineral of milky pink color, products from this stone have healing and magical properties, help to forgive and release offenses, attract love. A crystal must be correctly combined with precious metals so that it displays its healing and magical properties to its full potential. Pink quartz jewelry will take its rightful place in your jewelry collection.

What is rose quartz

The crystal was first discovered by miners in the Alps. It looked like drops of frozen water, for which it was called crystal (from Greek crystal - ice). The chemically pure mineral is colorless and transparent. This type of crystal is still referred to as rhinestone. Pink quartz is found in nature, the color is formed due to iron impurities, under the influence of sunlight. From a chemistry point of view, pinkish quartz is nothing more than silicon oxide with the addition of titanium. Thanks to the shade, the crystal got its name.

What does it look like

The hue of the crystals ranges from pale pink to red. Minerals are rarely transparent, often they are translucent crystals (milky) or almost transparent. In the light, the color fades, and when heated to 300 ° C it disappears completely. He has a glass shine. Pink quartz is dissected to some extent by cracks. Similar in name to pink quartzite - a stone consisting of quartz and impurities, is used as a facing material in construction. High quartz rose quartz powder is added to all kinds of creams.

How to distinguish from a fake

Often, precious stones are faked for profit, pink minerals and other varieties of quartz are no exception. Fakes of pink crystals are made of ordinary tinted glass. If the mineral is very clean, without cracks, but at the same time it is very cheap - this is a fake. Transparent pink quartz without cracks is considered a rarity, therefore, their price significantly exceeds the cost of ordinary crystals with cracks.

Rose Quartz Jewelry

Minerals of pinkish quartz are used as an ornamental stone. When creating jewelry, transparent crystals are used, that is, well-translucent specimens. Such minerals are inserted into brooches, rings. From milky pink stones make pendants, necklaces, beads, necklaces, bracelets. Minerals with the effect of asterism are cut in the form of high cabochons, while others are cut in a step cut - all kinds of souvenirs are made from them.

How to wear a pink crystal

Rose quartz crystals combine with silver. Only this precious metal reveals all the properties of the mineral and makes it work at full strength. Heavy precious metals such as copper, bronze and gold damp the energy of the crystal. If you use a mineral as a healing one, it is better to purchase a pendant with a silver chain or a silver ring with a large cut stone. Translucent stones are more powerful in energy.

This crystal is often called a "heart". To attract love, pink quartz jewelry is best worn closer to the heart so that the crystal makes contact with the skin. If you rarely wear jewelry, you can purchase a quartz pyramid as a talisman and put it in the workplace or a small keychain for keys and a phone. Quartz helps to heal mental trauma, helps to restore and maintain harmony of mind and body.

Who is suitable for

Pink mineral has many advantages. Many note the positive effects of stone. However, it is suitable only for people with good intentions, charged with optimism, who are eager to help themselves, without resorting to others for help. Often people, putting on a talisman with this mineral, stop doing anything, in the hope that the crystal will do everything itself, but this is a mistake. A stone needs periodic replenishment of human energy.

Unclean people, with evil intentions, need to think carefully before buying and wearing this crystal as an amulet. In this case, the stone will in every way counteract the evil intentions of its owner, which can adversely affect the psychoemotional and physical health of a person. Quartz illuminates and enhances the brightest qualities.

The magical properties of rose quartz

The visiting card of the pink mineral is the magical ability to heal heart wounds, attract love, protect the family. Pink stones have a great influence on people of art. Talismans increase creativity, under the influence of a mineral, writers begin to actively write texts, artists start writing pictures, actors find new facets and manifest themselves in new images. It is undesirable to wear a crystal for a long time: like most magic stones, quartz needs rest from the human biofield to recharge its properties.

The plot on rose quartz

It is difficult to overestimate the magical properties of the mineral: it protects a person from making wrong decisions, quartz helps to find a way out of the most difficult life situations, increases self-esteem, gives confidence in oneself and one's strength. One of the most popular jewelry is a bracelet to attract love. Magic is manifested not only in jewelry: according to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, in order to establish some aspects of life, for example, to improve family relationships, you need to place a quartz figurine or just a crystal in the marriage and family sector.

Healing properties

Pink stone is able to protect a woman from many gynecological problems, for example, to protect against infertility, to prevent various pathologies during pregnancy and during childbirth. The stone helps in the fight against uterine cancer and other diseases associated with gynecology. In addition, in many ancient medical treatises it is written that the mineral prolongs a person's life. The following healing properties of the crystal are distinguished:

  • normalization of the nervous system;
  • suppression of outbreaks of irritability;
  • anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect;
  • positively affects the work of the heart;
  • normalization of blood sugar;
  • improvement of the genitourinary system.

For a stone to have healing properties, it must be donated by someone or inherited. If you buy a talisman on your own, then the mineral is set up within a year, but its healing properties will work properly for ten years. After which the stone needs to be recharged. This process takes a lot of time, about a year. The mineral must be placed in a dark place and not touch it. A year later, he can again serve his owner.

Rose quartz stone for zodiac signs

The mineral does not harm any zodiac sign, but it can bring great benefit only to such representatives: Aquarius, rams, Taurus, virgins, scales and scorpions. These zodiac signs need the influence of quartz, because he brings good luck and gives confidence. Elements - earth, fire, water. In general, the positive effect of quartz extends to all signs of the zodiac without exception, and all healing properties are preserved.

How much is rose quartz

The price of products from pinkish quartz depends on the size of the stone, its purity (transparency), and the framing material. An approximate breakdown of prices in Moscow for popular jewelry is presented in the table (as a frame - jewelry alloy or silver):


Price in rubles (range from to)

A bracelet










Souvenirs, charms


Jewelry - photo


Elizabeth, 33 years old Being an unmarried woman at 30, I began to try my luck and resorted to the help of this semiprecious stone. Since it is better not to buy such things on your own, at my request they gave me a pink mineral pendant. I have been wearing jewelry for more than a year until a proposal for marriage has been received, but I continue to believe and work in this direction.
Olga, 28 years old. Being in constant stress amid a lot of busy work, my condition worsened noticeably. I was not flattered about the treatment with minerals, my goal was not to marry successfully, but about 2 years ago I was presented with a quartz bracelet and from that moment on, my life began to quickly improve. I do not exclude that my faith played a big role.
Nikolay, 40. My wife has minor problems with the cardiovascular system. For another holiday, I gave her a set of jewelry made of pink quartz. The wife was very pleased with the gift, as it turned out, this stone fits her perfectly according to the horoscope. Long wear and a lot of faith helped establish the work of the heart, positive dynamics can be traced.

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