Apparatus for vacuum facial cleansing - operating principle, instructions for use and an overview of models with prices

A modern vacuum pore cleaner is a device designed to cleanse the skin of sebaceous plugs, acne, and deep pollution. Even the stars of the world of show business face acne, enlarged pores and other symptoms of problematic skin - singer Katy Perry, actress Cameron Diaz and the beauty of the Transformers sigh, beauty Megan Fox. You can never find these defects on the covers of glossy magazines - computer-based retouching of images makes your face perfect. In real life, only a special machine will help to cope with black dots, eels and a number of other flaws.

What is a vacuum pore cleaner

Vacuum facial cleanser - a new device for dry and wet cleansing, combating comedones, and other cosmetic procedures. It can support one or several modes - it all depends on the manufacturer and the nozzles that are provided for them (massage brush, sponge, exfoliating brush). Soft action, improved lymphatic drainage, and elimination of edema are provided by wet cleaning models with a built-in spray. They allow you to care for your face with lotions, washing gels, foam. Dry-mode appliances are ideal for sensitive skin care.

Indications for use

Unfortunately, tuberous oily skin with a repulsive greasy sheen is not unique to adolescents. Indications for use are common problems that everyone has to one degree or another, especially in adolescence. The device for vacuum facial cleaning is indispensable for comedones, sensitivity, low tone of the skin, too active work of the sebaceous glands and unaesthetic enlarged pores that cannot be hidden even by professional makeup. A vacuum skin cleaner also eliminates small scars after microtraumas, heavy rashes.

Operating principle

The cleaning and removal of sebaceous plugs consists of separate steps. The skin is thoroughly cleaned of cosmetics and dirt, steamed for 10-15 minutes. Problem areas are treated with vacuum pressure for several minutes - it is important to carefully study the instructions from the brand. When the apparatus is turned on, it creates a negative pressure between the working surface and the body, improves blood microcirculation, activates the flow of nutrients and creates the effect of a medical jar. After the procedure, the skin is rinsed with cold water, lubricated with a special cream to narrow the pores.


The vacuum cleaner has a delicate effect on the face, chest, back, shoulders, other parts of the body that are prone to acne and scars. However, there are certain contraindications and recommendations that must be followed. It is worthwhile to refuse soft vacuum cleaning, peeling, treatment with exfoliating brushes if the skin is prone to bruising, infectious rashes, and infiltrates. Sensitive skin needs special care, so the effect of the vacuum apparatus should be checked in a small area, as in the test with hair dye.

Varieties of vacuum pore cleaner

There are several types of vacuum equipment for cleaning pores and its ineffective counterparts with different pricing policies, but the real giants, experts in their field are two legendary manufacturers - Panasonic and Gezatone. The rest can almost always be called just a free variation on the topic. These devices are used in skin care with high secretion of seborin. They are hygienic, do not injure delicate tissues, but have a pronounced effect, therefore they are suitable for women, men, children in adolescence. Use a cleaner preferably 1-2 times a week.


Elegant French Gezatone appliances are far from new to a specific beauty industry. They have a capacious reservoir for collecting liquids, suction nozzles, support cleaning with cosmetics. Vacuum cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners that run on the same battery can be taken on a trip or to the country. They are compact, so they occupy a minimum of space in the bag, hiking backpack.

  • Model: Super Wet Cleaner PRO, Gezatone;
  • Characteristics: apparatus for massage and vacuum cleansing of pores of the skin, universal, 4 in 1;
  • price: 1 900 r .;
  • pluses: ergonomic design, several replaceable nozzles, compact stand for storage, removes black spots, narrows pores, minimizes greasy shine, regulates the sebaceous glands;
  • Cons: brush, other nozzles must be looked after.

Gezatone vacuum cleaners not only remove black spots, but also narrow pores. After application, the complexion improves, a healthy glow appears on the cheeks. Even on the forehead, nose, and chin, where the oily sheen appears, the skin becomes dull, smooth. To steam it, it is advisable to use herbal infusions with chamomile, calendula.

  • Model: Spot Cleaner, Gezatone;
  • Features: Vacuum face cleaner;
  • price: 1 090 r.;
  • pluses: ergonomic design, compact, removes black spots, restores skin radiance, improves tone, fights acne and comedones, draws out toxins, exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation, eliminates germs, activates metabolic processes, the result is visible after 2-3 procedures;
  • Cons: lack of additional nozzles.


Panasonic Japanese vacuum cleaners operate in two modes - wet and dry. Some models are equipped with a vaporizer, microspray. Before the procedure, it is categorically not recommended to scratch or squeeze acne - so you can spread the infection throughout the face, injure the skin and give yourself another scar. To narrow the cleansed pores, you can use a tonic or rub your face with an ice cube, an iced tea bag.

  • Model: EH 2511, Panasonic;
  • Characteristics: vacuum cleaner;
  • price: 1 120 p.;
  • pluses: compact, has a vacuum pressure of 50 kPa, non-contact induction charging, supports normal and wet modes, provides continuous operation for 20 minutes, is easy to use, removes black spots, stimulates pore narrowing, minimizes inflammatory processes, improves the appearance of the skin;
  • cons: it charges 12 hours.

Panasonic cleaners must be thoroughly disinfected after the procedure so that contaminant particles do not come back onto the face. Some vacuum models can work continuously for 20 minutes, which is enough to care for the entire face, including in hard-to-reach places (nose wings, lip contour, where small pimples may appear after hair removal). Apparatus for vacuum cleaning should not be used for pinkheads.

  • Model: EH 2513 G865 Pore Cleanser, Panasonic;
  • Characteristics: vacuum cleaner;
  • price: 1 090 r.;
  • pluses: compact, removes excess sebum, provides continuous operation for 20 minutes, is easy to use, removes black spots, improves skin color;
  • Cons: not suitable for blackheads, high sensitivity.


Olga, 37 years old
I bought a device for vacuum cleaning my face for my daughter, I myself do not suffer from excess sebum. The action of the device was noticed after the second procedure - the points on the nose and chin were gone, because of which the child applied a ton of makeup. There are different models on sale, prices range from one to several thousand rubles - it is quite possible to find your option.

Alexandra, 24 years old
I did not immediately decide to order a device for vacuum cleaning - for me it is not very cheap. I chose an inexpensive online store with a delivery service. I use it with my favorite mousse, mainly on the T-zone. Acne on the face went almost completely, but several foci still remained - sometimes "bloom" before menstruation.

Anna, 28 years old
I chose a device for vacuum massage and skin cleansing. Expensive, but the cost of salon procedures somewhere in Moscow and St. Petersburg is much higher. Ideal for home use, not heavy, so I support positive reviews. The only thing I recommend paying attention to is the quality and quantity of special nozzles.

Yana, 19 years old
I agree with the reviews about Gesaton - it draws dirt well, portable, lightweight. The entire cleaning process is painless. The results are worth it. I did not dare to use it only on the wings of the nose, where rosacea developed. I advise you to double-check the equipment, the presence of the battery and nozzles of the device, if you prefer to pay by mail.

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