Early closure of a deposit account through Sberbank online - procedure and step-by-step instructions

The modern banking system offers many products for customers, which simplify the interaction with the bank as much as possible. With the introduction of a large package of functions on the official website, the question began to appear how to close a deposit to Sberbank online (early withdraw or replenish a deposit through a special service). In fact, any interaction with the bank can be carried out through the network, except in cases where the personal presence of the client is necessarily important.

Is it possible to close a deposit through Sberbank online

To close an account with Sberbank online is real through a special service on the network (not via mobile applications). Banks have long realized that setting a mandatory tight framework for early withdrawal of money from a deposit account does not help develop normal relations with a depositor. Almost all products can be managed through the Sberbank service, except in cases that are strictly stipulated by the contract.

What deposits are subject to be closed at a bank branch

Before or after the expiration of the term, the personal presence of the client is required only if the account was opened directly through the bank. Up to a certain point, it was necessary to come to the bank branch where the contract was drawn up. The modern scheme of the bank’s interaction allows you to come to any branch and turn to an operator working with individuals.

Early closure of the deposit

It is necessary to forcefully close a deposit when funds are urgently needed and a loan is not available. There is a special service for this. Any opening of a depositary asset, through a personal account on the site, can also be closed online. The main problem is that the percentage of monthly capitalization may not even be accrued during such actions. In Sberbank, you can close ahead of schedule any contribution, regardless of its type, except for the traditional one.

Interest calculation conditions

The monthly capitalization or percentage is clearly indicated in the documents. If the deposit is closed by the term of the contract and there is no extension, then the client receives a full accrual of interest. If the account is canceled up to six months at the request of the depositor, the amount on top of the invested funds will be minimal (almost like at the “Demand” rate). After 6 months, two-thirds of the interest rate is calculated without taking into account monthly capitalization.

How to close an online deposit in Sberbank - step-by-step instructions

The service allows you to close deposits completely through the network. It is as simple as possible for understanding, in addition there is round-the-clock support that will help to deal with the problem. How to close a savings account with Sberbank online - step-by-step detailed instructions:

  1. If the client made a deposit through the service, then he was already registered on the site. The first thing to do is log in to the Sberbank website. To do this, use the specified data during registration and a special identifier that the depositor receives at the beginning of an active interaction with the bank.
  2. After authorization from the main page, you need to select the "Accounts and Deposits" section (top field, third menu item).
  3. Select the required account and click on the "Operations" button.
  4. In the menu that opens, select the "Close" item.
  5. In the page that opens, you will need to indicate the details: the contract that will be canceled, and the bank card where you need to transfer the balance of funds. After filling in, it is important to check the accuracy of the indicated data and press the confirmation button ("Confirm").
  6. Next, a special code will come to the phone that needs to be entered (using SMS code).
  7. On the new page of the section, a request confirmation will appear marked "Completed" (the closing procedure is completed from that moment on and cannot be canceled, the closing date cannot be delayed for some time).

Deposit "Replenish"

One of three popular online deposits that can be quickly and easily canceled via the Internet is “Recharge” from Sberbank. It is important to remember that in case of early cancellation of an account that is less than six months from the date of opening the deposit, the interest rate of savings will be calculated in the amount of 0.01% per annum. This means that the profit will be minimal, but the invested funds will be fully returned. How to close a deposit replenish online at Sberbank, step by step above (identical for all types of deposits).

Save Online Contribution

Closing the “Save” deposit is available, as for any other account, through your personal account on the bank’s website. The closing scheme is the same for all accounts. The interest rate or capitalization (selected by the client upon signing the banking service agreement) is determined by the method of creating the account. For an online account, it is half a percent higher - 8.26%. Urgent closing of this deposit does not make profitable sense, since the minimum amount of entry is 1000 rubles or 100 units in the agreed currency. The deposit is non-refillable and does not make it possible to withdraw funds in installments.

Manage Online

This is the most universal deposit with the ability to fully manage your account. The moment you can deposit funds to increase profitability, or withdraw the desired amount. The minimum creation threshold is 30,000 rubles or 1,000 dollars (euros), when interest or part is withdrawn, this amount is fixed in the account. Terms of early closure of the deposit are standard, but in the case of “Manage Online” this may not be necessary.

Closing a deposit in Sberbank through a mobile bank

The modern version of Internet banking (Sberbank application) does not support the service of closing deposit deposits. How to close a deposit to Sberbank online using a mobile device? You can open the site on a tablet or smartphone in a browser. In this case, all the functions of the online services will be available. This restriction was introduced for security, because many users store personal information on their gadgets, which are easy to steal, and access through the personal account of Sberbank on the site is as much as possible protected from third-party hacking.

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