Medicines for the prevention of worms in adults - a list of effective pills and how to take

The effective prevention of many types of worms in adults is medicine, personal hygiene enhances their effect on the body, laboratory analysis for the presence of helminths determines the effectiveness of the measures taken. Infection with eggs of parasitic worms occurs constantly, so the question of what to drink from worms to adults for prevention is always relevant.

Worm Prevention Medicines

Twice a year, the prevention of worms in adults is required. It is best to carry out preventive measures in spring and autumn. The presence of helminths, infestations, nekatorosis, enterobiasis pose a serious danger to the human body. Inaction is expensive for a person. Adults with animals in their homes need doubly preventive measures along with proper care for their pets.

In pharmacies, anthelmintic drugs for prevention in adults are presented in assortment. You can take them even for the purpose of prevention only after consulting a doctor. In medical practice, there is no consensus on how and when to drink tablets for the prevention of worms in adults. Many doctors believe that the use of anthelmintic drugs is necessary only in case of symptoms of the disease.

Anthelmintic therapy additionally includes:

  • strict observance of hygiene standards;
  • sufficient heat treatment of meat and fish;
  • inadmissibility of the use of water from water bodies;
  • caution when dealing with animals;
  • thorough washing of fruits and vegetables and other sanitary and hygienic measures.

There are two most common ways to fight parasitic worms: medication and folk. Vermoxum, mebendazole, vormil, decaris, nemozole and others have an anthelmintic effect. During medical treatment, it is important to strictly follow the instructions for the use of the drug, take into account contraindications, age, individual intolerance, side effects.


Well-known medication Vormil for the prevention of severe tissue invasions. The drug has a destructive effect on helminths, which parasitize in the intestine, in the larval stage, they can affect the lungs. Vormil destroys helminths at all stages of development: eggs, larvae, adults. The principle of action is based on the inhibition of the metabolic processes of parasites.

Reception of tablets is prescribed individually, the dosage depends on the weight of the patient. Adverse reactions can occur from the nervous, digestive, circulatory system. There is a decrease in vision, skin rashes can be observed. The medicine is not prescribed during pregnancy and lactation. The drug is available in the form of chewable tablets and suspensions.


In medical practice, the drug Pyrantel is used as the prevention of ascariasis, the presence of pinworms and other helminthic diseases. The drug paralyzes the helminths, they completely lose their ability to move, the process of removing parasites from the body occurs naturally. The medicine acts only on adult parasites, so it is advisable to conduct a second course of treatment. The tablet is taken once a day, regardless of the meal.

It is not recommended to take the drug for pregnant women, during the period of feeding the child, patients with liver diseases. While taking the drug, dizziness, nausea, rash may occur, sleep, hearing, hallucinations and other negative manifestations are sometimes noted. After the end of therapy, it is advisable to conduct a second study for the presence of worm eggs.

Decaris for prevention

Decaris for prophylaxis for adults is prescribed once. This drug paralyzes worms with a well-developed muscle system (roundworms, pinworms). After taking the medicine over the next day, dead parasites are actively removed from the human intestine. Against tape worms and flukes, this medicine is powerless. In addition to the anthelmintic action, Dekaris is an immunomodulator, it activates blood cells that stimulate the body's immune responses.

Dekaris is not prescribed during gestation and lactation. When taking it, an allergy in the form of skin rashes can occur. Caution should be taken with such an anthelmintic drug for liver and kidney dysfunction. The digestive system can respond to taking the drug with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Headache, insomnia, convulsions, fever - nervous.

Nemozole for the prevention of worms

Nemozole for prophylaxis for adults is prescribed in a therapeutic course, the duration of which is from 7 to 30 days. The active component of nemozole has a destructive effect on the cell walls of helminths, they disrupt the processes of nutrient intake, inhibit all metabolic processes and the parasites die. This medicine is one of the best for the prevention of helminths in adults.

Nemozole is directed to destroy helminths in the intestine, in the blood the active substance is practically not detected. It has a wide spectrum of action not only on worms, but also on unicellular parasites in the human body. Side effects are observed from the digestive, nervous, circulatory system. Alcohol is strictly prohibited while taking Nemozole.


Doctors prescribe Vermox for the prevention of diseases with round parasitic worms (pinworms, trichinella). Their presence in the body is determined by severe itching in the anus, especially at night. The active substance of the drug disrupts the assimilation of glucose by parasites, which is their main nutrient. Two days later, the parasites die from exhaustion and are removed from the intestines.

The drug should not be taken for people with chronic diseases of the intestines, liver, pregnant and breast-feeding. When taking the drug, there is a high risk of severe allergic reactions. There is hair loss, swelling, rash. In this case, the medication is stopped, the stomach, intestines are washed, the sorbent is taken.


Prevention of worms in adults - medicines based on albendazole have proven themselves well. Albendazole for the prevention of helminthic diseases is included in the recommended list of WHO. The drug destroys the cells of the digestive system of parasites, causes inhibition of vital processes. Albendazole is recommended to be taken with fatty foods.

With hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, its use is not recommended. Contraindications are pregnancy and lactation. Digestive system disorders, allergic reactions, cramps, mood changes, sometimes there are problems with vision, yellowing of the white coat of the eyes, impaired renal function.

Prevention of worms in adults with folk remedies

Not only a medicine for the prevention of worms in adults has proven effective. Prevention of parasites in humans by folk remedies, homeopathic medicines is an effective method according to patients' reviews. Well-recommended seed pumpkin seeds. To fight parasites, pumpkin seeds need to be consumed on an empty stomach in raw form, pre-ground and mixed with honey. For helminth prophylaxis, a decoction of seeds is prepared.

There are many recipes for the preparation of anthelmintic agents based on pumpkin seeds. Enemas with garlic infusion work well. Worms die if you drink cognac with castor oil mixed in a 1: 1 ratio. A prerequisite for the effectiveness of alternative methods is the use of laxatives, washing the intestines to remove dead worms. This is important as parasites begin to decompose in the intestines, releasing toxins.

The price of medicines for worms

In Moscow, St. Petersburg, the price of medicines for worms is different. It differs significantly in the pharmacies of the city, relatively cheap you can order drugs in the online store, choose effective analogues, here you can arrange delivery. The average cost of anthelmintic drugs:

Drug name

Release form

Price in rubles


3 tablets of 400 mg

160 p.


1 tablet of 150 mg

86 p.


6 tablets of 100 mg

100 p.


6 tablets of 100 mg

150 p.


1 tablet of 400 mg

165 p.


3 tablets of 250 mg

35 p.

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Maria, 35 years old I regularly prevent helminthiasis using Dekaris, because a cat lives in our house. The tool is soft and effective. I take it on the advice of my doctor. I practically do not feel any discomfort or side effects. I combine preventative measures with regular intake of laxatives. It is convenient that the drug is taken once.
Peter, 43 years. Often we associate a general deterioration in well-being with anything, but not with the presence of worms in the body, and the infection process occurs almost constantly. I decided to buy Albendazole, my friend’s review helped, my health really improved. There was a slight discomfort in the intestines, but the condition quickly came to Noma.
Inna, 54 years old I know that prevention of worms in adults is necessary - it is necessary to take medicines, their sale is established in pharmacies. From personal observations, I will say that Dekaris, Pirantel is more suitable for me. I tried Vermox, it is more toxic, in my opinion. I had severe rashes and swelling. I had to eliminate the consequences of taking the drug with sorbents.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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