Exercise Boat for the back and abs - how to do it and the benefits

When a woman is graceful with a beautiful posture - it attracts the attention of others, everyone admires her. To achieve the perfect appearance, a beautiful camp, you need to work on yourself daily. Well pump up the stomach, back, press a simple exercise Boat. The main thing is not to be lazy in achieving your goal and not to miss physical activity. Pose The boat is simple, it can be done at home, lying on the floor. Exercise has a therapeutic effect on the respiratory system, the healing effect can be felt after a month of training.

What is Boat exercise?

In order for the vestibular apparatus and muscle corset to be at a high functional level, it is worth performing an acrobatic exercise, which is called the Boat pose. The simplicity of the movements helps to make it both for children and adults. To correctly execute the movement, you need:

  • lie on your stomach, on the floor;
  • legs should be slightly bent;
  • heels together.

Locked in this position, you need to raise your legs up. The abdominal muscles should fit snugly to the floor, the higher the legs, the better the buttocks are pumped. Hands at this time are below, palms in the area of ​​the lower part of the press. The head and neck are as elongated as possible, the chin is raised high from the floor. The quality of execution of such a pose largely depends on the flooring, because the position of the "Boat" on the moving floor will not work.

Than useful

The opinions of doctors and trainers of different sports are the same, the benefits of the Boat exercise are expressed in the following:

  • Restores the umbilical ring if it was previously displaced.
  • Strengthens the area near the solar, nerve plexus.
  • Strengthens the muscles of the back, the press, creating a strong muscle corset.
  • Aligns the curvature of the spinal column. Cartilage becomes more elastic, and joints are more mobile.
  • Muscle circulation improves.
  • Helps to remove fat in the abdomen, sides.
  • Cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory system improves its work.

For the back

The classic exercise The boat for the back helps to make the posture beautiful, prevents osteochondrosis, as well as neuro-reflex disorders in the human body. Acrobatic pose is done as follows:

  • On a non-sliding floor you need to lie on your back with arms extended along the body.
  • Not bent legs rise from the floor, it is important with this position to simultaneously raise the shoulder girdle, upper back.
  • Head and neck should be elongated. This exercise brings the muscles of the abdomen and back to tone, every 10 seconds you can relax the body.

To get the result, you need to do 3 approaches. Another important point is breathing; it cannot be held up when muscles are tense. Perhaps it is difficult for an untrained person to repeat such a position of the body, so the first month of training, you can not lift the shoulder girdle, but reduce the shoulders. You can’t lift your legs and head quickly and sharply, the exercise is static, so all movements must be done slowly.

For the press

Yoga, bodybuilding, gymnastics classes include exercise Press boat. Regular correct execution guarantees a beautiful belly and waist, it leads to a flat muscle of the abdomen in tone. The set of exercises is as follows: lie with your back on the floor with your arms outstretched as if you need to reach in this position to an object behind your head. Shoulders and forearms should be parallel to the auricles.

At the same time raise your arms and legs up, your lower back does not lift off the floor. To complicate the task without changing position, you need to connect your elbows and knees. In this position, you need to stay for 1 minute, muscle tension increases. Then it is worth returning to the starting position on the floor. A set of movements is important to do either temporarily or by the number of repetitions.

For legs

You should always start a workout to strengthen your body muscles with a warm-up. You can not begin to exercise if you feel pain in the back or other parts of the body. For the convenience of home workouts, in order to avoid injuries, it is better to buy a dense mat for fitness. By placing it on the floor or other rigid support, you can perform the strengthening exercise Boat for the legs, abs, buttocks. It strengthens the superficial and deep muscles that help hold the spine. When breeding raised legs, hands in a supine position, the muscles of the trunk and inner thigh are worked out.

What muscles work

Universal gymnastic exercise The boat helps to restore neuro-reflex connections that are lost in the process of a passive, sedentary lifestyle. When it is performed, each limb is tense, while the abdomen is pressed to the floor. Exercise has a high therapeutic therapeutic effect, which helps to strengthen the human immunity. During its execution, the following muscles are worked out:

  • flatfish;
  • back group of muscles of a thigh;
  • gluteal;
  • front gear;
  • deltoid;
  • triceps.

How to make a boat

When embarking on any kind of physical activity, it is important that the technique of performing the Boat and rest alternate. Muscles should periodically relax, and then vice versa, to tone. The initial stage of the training involves warming up exercises - running, bending, and squats. Embodiments of the boat are diverse, they can be seen in these photos.

Abdomen boat

An easy way to remove the stoop problem is to exercise the boat on your stomach. It can be performed with legs spread or brought together. Hands are in an extended position and do not touch the surface of the floor. It is worth staying for a minute in this position, and then let the muscles relax. If a person is not trained, then three approaches will be enough to maintain his body in order.

Boat on the back

The main problem of most women is a sagging stomach. To quickly put it in order, you need to regularly do the Boat exercise on the back. The mobility of the limbs will allow you to work out the press. The legs and arms will be first extended and raised, and then the elbows and knees will touch each other. It will be difficult for an untrained person to complete the last movements, so you may have to practice a little.

Boat on its side

To use the main back muscles of the pectoral and lumbar, you need to perform static movements. The boat on its side. To correctly execute it you need:

  • Lie on one side, leaning on one hand, the other hand touches the back of the head.
  • At the same time try to raise the legs and shoulder girdle.
  • Having lowered your legs and head to the floor, you need to roll over to the other side and perform the same movements.

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