Slow cooker - rating of the best models

It is wrong to assume that this kitchen appliance is a device for lazy people. Is it bad that there are devices freeing up time for women to communicate with loved ones? Mistresses with the purchase of a multi-pressure cooker show the wonders of cooking, surprising with new recipes. You should review the top models to decide which one is best for you.

Multicooker with pressure cooker function


The design feature of the device is multifunctionality. According to the instructions, unlike a multicooker, the model has 2 valves - for creating pressure and a bypass - safety. This reduces cooking time. The buyer selects the model, taking into account the characteristics, rating. Still important is the opinion of friends. A pressure cooker-multicooker will quickly cook:

  • stew;

  • jelly;
  • smoked meat;
  • bouillon;
  • filler;
  • legumes.

REDMOND pressure cooker

REDMOND pressure cooker has excellent customer reviews, as pictured. Inexpensive popular model:


  • price 4700 rubles;
  • power 900 W, mechanical control type, 6 programs, Teflon bowl, 5 liters, switch on the wire - no need to remove it from the outlet;
  • main advantages: high quality;
  • Cons: no temperature adjustment.


Higher cost for the following model:


  • price 11000 r .;
  • 900 W, 14 programs, 5 liter bowl, removable lid, built-in timer, clock;
  • pluses: shutdown when boiling water, the function of a double boiler, the possibility of pasteurization, heating baby food;
  • Cons: no removable condensate cup, no multi-cook mode.


The devices of the company are distinguished by quality, multifunctionality. The popularity of the Moulinex pressure cooker is due to electronic control:

  • Moulinex CE 503132;

  • price 10900 r .;
  • power 1000 W, 25 programs, 5 liter bowl, delayed start, languishing mode;
  • pluses: multi-cook function, manual steam release;
  • cons: no hours, pre-shutdown auto-heating.

Energy-saving model:

  • Moulinex CE 501132;

  • price 10000 r .;
  • power 1000 W, 21 programs, multilayer ceramic capacity, 5 liters, delayed start, sterilization;
  • pluses: multi-cook mode, button for releasing steam, children's menu;
  • Cons: the lack of handles on the lid, automatic inclusion of automatic heating without the need.


Company models are distinguished by attention to safety. A Philips slow cooker is a must when kids are at home. Popular Model:

  • Philips HD 2173;

  • price 9000 r .;
  • power 900 W, 10 programs, a bowl with Teflon for 5 liters, display;
  • pluses: automatic pressure relief, increased security;
  • Cons: lack of steaming in modes.

The model is convenient in work:

  • Philips HD 2178;

  • price 12000 r .;
  • 1000 W power, 5 programs, 6 liter bowl, Teflon coating, electronic control, heat support, delayed cooking time;
  • pluses: multi-product, automatic pressure relief, reliable protection against children;
  • Cons: lack of frying mode, you need to wait to open the lid.


A wide range of functions, the price has Oursson multicooker-pressure cooker. Great model with touch controls:

  • Oursson Mi 5040 PSD;

  • price 27000 r .;
  • power 1400 W, 19 programs, 5 liter bowl, automatic heating, delay in cooking;
  • pluses: multi-product, energy-saving mode, reliable protection system;
  • Cons: delayed start for only 13 hours.

More affordable option:

  • Oursson MP 5010 PSD;

  • price 7500 r .;
  • power 1100 W, 52 programs, capacity 5 liters, with protection, electronic control, automatic heating, delayed cooking;
  • pluses: 7 levels of pressure setting, bleeding the air from the bowl until the end of cooking, baking mode, languishing;
  • Cons: lack of temperature control.


Find the price and number of functions of an electronically controlled multicooker Polaris. Noteworthy device:

  • Polaris PPS 0705 AD;

  • 6900 p.;
  • power 1100 W, 23 programs, 5 liter bowl with ceramics, automatic heating, delay in cooking;
  • pluses: multi-cook, 3D heating, program safety during a power failure;
  • Cons: lack of hours.

For a small family, the option is suitable:

  • Polaris PPS 0605 AD;

  • price 5000 r .;
  • power 900 W, 19 programs, 5 liter bowl with ceramics, deferred cooking, automatic heating, 4 pressure levels;
  • pluses: multi-product, manual control of air discharge, removable covers inside and out;
  • cons: there is no storage device to save information when the power is turned off.


Significantly reduce the time in the kitchen multicooker-pressure cooker Rotex. For lovers of new recipes, an excellent model:

  • Rotex REPS 57-B;

  • price 3800 r .;
  • power 900 W, 17 programs, capacity with Teflon for 5 liters, delayed start, auto-heating;
  • pluses: 45 options for manual settings, there is the possibility of compiling recipes;
  • cons: inaccurate valve installation.

A decent option with electronic control:

  • Rotex REPS 55-B;

  • price 4000 r .;
  • 900 W power, 14 programs, 5-liter Teflon bowl, delay timer, auto-heating;
  • pluses: time adjustment, convenient to wash, you can make cottage cheese, yoghurts, steam, removable lid;
  • Cons: Impossible to set the temperature.


For savvy housewives, a successful acquisition is the Vitesse multicooker-pressure cooker. It saves energy, affordable:

  • Vitesse VS-524;

  • price 3000 r .;
  • power 900 W, 11 programs, capacity with Teflon, 5 liters, deferred cooking, auto-heating, pressure adjustment;
  • pluses: menu in Russian, cover lock during operation;
  • Cons: Does not steam.

A more functional version of the device:

  • Vitesse VS-3003;

  • 4800 p.;
  • power 900 W, 24 programs, 5 liter bowl with protection, delay in cooking, automatic heating with a timer for 24 hours, electronic control;
  • pluses: the ability to select 8 automatic modes, a voice warning about the readiness of the dish;
  • cons: you can not cook soup.


Hunters and fishermen come in handy models with the smokehouse function. The BRAND crock-pot pressure cooker will be pleasant to fans of experiments:

  • BRAND 6051;

  • price 4900 r .;
  • power 1000 W, 14 programs, ceramic capacity, 5 liters, heat support and delayed cooking;
  • main advantages: multi-cook, reliable protection, smoking mode;
  • cons: maximum temperature 130, no hours.

Economic model with the possibility of smoking:

  • BRAND 6060;

  • 5500 p.;
  • power 1000 W, 7 programs, volume 6 liters, ceramic, with heat support, delayed start for 99 minutes, electronically controlled;
  • main advantages: adjustment of cooking time, 3 smoking modes, condensate collection;
  • Cons: only one bowl, no hours, the lid inside is not removed.


For lovers of smoking, a successful purchase is the Unit multicooker-pressure cooker. Models of the company do an excellent job with this function:

  • Unit 1210S;

  • price 7000 r .;
  • power 1100 W, 13 programs, capacity with ceramics, 6 liters, electronic control, automatic heating, delayed start;
  • main advantages: multi-cook, different types of smoking;
  • Cons: Not suitable for frying, smell remains.

A more convenient model with two bowls:

  • Unit 1220S;

  • 6500 r .;
  • power 1100 W, 12 programs, ceramic containers, 6 liters, electronic control, heat support, delayed cooking time;
  • main advantages: multi-cook, hot, cold smoking in a separate bowl;
  • Cons: not enough cooking modes, it is not easy to find recipes.


Firm models are distinguished by a serious approach to safety. Marta pressure cooker - a touch-sensitive device. Model with metal case:

  • Marta MT-4312;

  • price 5500 r .;
  • power 900 W, 30 programs, volume 5 liters, heat support, delayed cooking time;
  • pluses: multi-cook, overheat protection;
  • Cons: not a form for condensation.

Economical version of the device:

  • Marta MT-4309;

  • price 5700 r .;
  • power 900 W, 45 programs, thick-walled capacity, 5 liters, automatic heating, delayed cooking time - 24 hours;
  • pluses: multi-cook, independent programming of recipes, information safety during shutdown, 3D heating, temperature sensor;
  • Cons: bowl without handles.

How to choose a multicooker pressure cooker

What to focus on to make the right choice of multicooker, pressure cooker? It depends on the plans, what to cook with it, the number of family members, and you also need to consider:

  • desired bowl volume - Offered from 2.5 to 8 liters;

  • power, which determines the cooking speed - from 460 to 1600 watts - for three people in a family - 900 watts;
  • bowl cover - Teflon - heat-resistant, but quickly scratched, lasts 3 years or ceramic - non-stick, works 2 times less, cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

To make a choice, the buyer should show interest in the “delayed start” function - this will help prepare the dish for the required time. It is convenient to have an adjustment of the cooking time if the user plans to apply his recipes. To maintain heat, a good auto-heating function is good. It is worth understanding the programs of the models. It could be:

  • quenching;

  • smoking;
  • steaming;
  • milk porridge;
  • bakery products;
  • soups;
  • cooking cereals;
  • frying;
  • pasteurization.


Nina, 38 years old Husband loves to fish, and in the winter to go to the cottage to smoke fish is not very convenient. We dreamed that we would have a multicooker with a pressure cooker with a smokehouse function. We chose the catalog on the website, decided to order and buy the Unit model in the online store. I liked the price and the presence in the set of two bowls - for cooking and smoking.
Valeria, 45 years old I love baking at home, so a model of a pressure cooker with a slow cooker has been choosing for a long time. It is very important that there is a device for collecting condensate in it, then the pies will not get wet at the top. Unfortunately, I did not find a model with the function of toasting the crust, but still the pies and biscuits are excellent.
Anna, 28 years old. I asked my husband to buy a pressure cooker with a slow cooker in the kitchen, but for us security was important - two smart children at home. As a result, according to reviews, we chose a model of Mulineks company at an affordable price. It has a manufacturer's safety guarantee. It's great that it is impossible to remove the lid during cooking. Cooking with pleasure.