Flower Female happiness - spathiphyllum in the photo. How to care for spathiphyllum at home

An important role in creating coziness and a good home atmosphere is played by indoor plants. For example, spathiphyllum is usually given to girls. All indoor flowers for female happiness give rise to many legends. Feminine happiness is, first of all, the plant is very beautiful and unpretentious in care.

What does a flower look like female happiness

This magnificent bush with original buds does not leave anyone indifferent. The flower of spathiphyllum is characterized in that it does not have stems. The leaves are located on elongated petioles emerging from the rhizome, reach a length of 14-17 cm. Peduncles grow from the rhizome, are green or white. Flowers will delight the hosts' eyes annually in spring and autumn, if proper care is provided to the plant.

Flower Feminine happiness - how to care for blooming

If the plant does not begin to bloom for a long time, then this is an occasion to think about the reasons. First of all, it is worth watering the flower correctly, because from a lack of liquid it can wilt, it starts to fade, and its leaves dry and turn yellow. How to make spathiphyllum bloom at home? The first step is to closely monitor the soil, not allowing it to dry out. However, excess moisture can cause irreparable damage to the plant. If the sheets began to blacken, then this indicates the need to reduce watering.

It is equally important to place the plant in a bright room where there are no drafts. Spathiphyllum will bloom well if it receives the right amount of light, but does not burn out under ultraviolet light. Too wide a pot for Women's happiness is not recommended to choose, because it will slow down flowering. The diameter of the container should not be many times the size of the rhizome. In addition, for successful flowering, seedlings need to be planted without damaging the root system.

Spathiphyllum - home care

In order for the plant to develop well, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for this. It is worth adopting a few rules on how to care for a flower. Women's happiness:

  1. To regulate the temperature in the room at least 15 degrees in the winter and 22 degrees in the summer.
  2. Avoid drafts.
  3. To control air humidity, because spathiphyllum arrived in Russia from tropical countries. To do this, you can install a fountain at home or periodically spray leaves.
  4. Lighting is required for a female flower, but the direct rays of the sun can harm him. An ideal option for placing the pot is a table near the window, because here the light is scattered well, unlike the window sill.

How to water a flower Women's happiness

One of the most important points in growing indoor plants is proper watering. How to care for spathiphyllum so that it does not dry out, does not begin to blacken and rot? It is necessary to water the flower 1 time per week in the winter and 2-3 times in the summer. Water temperature should be about 20 degrees (room). It is not recommended to irrigate spathiphyllum with bottled or distilled water.

The best option is tap water, settled in an open vessel so that the chlorine evaporates (at least one day). Wood ash, lemon juice, oxalic acid or vinegar will help soften the liquid before watering. The selected substance is added in a small amount before settling. It is forbidden to use boiled water, because it does not dissolve air and can provoke rotting of the roots.

Flower Female Happiness - Reproduction

Typically, the best time to plant or plant a bush is spring. This should be done after preparation of the substrate. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. The soil is made up of sand, peat, turf, humus (2 parts of sod land and 1 part of the remaining components).
  2. An adult plant has many root layers. They must be separated carefully so as not to damage the bush.
  3. The resulting young shoots with roots are planted in new pots.
  4. The soil is well shed with water.
  5. Transplanted bushes are left for several days so that they acclimatize.

Experienced flower growers know a way to propagate spathiphyllum at home by dividing the rhizome. However, this option is complex, it requires some skill, because inaccurate actions can damage the root and sprouts. Another method is the propagation of the bush using seeds, but it requires a lot of time and is not popular with gardeners.

Spathiphyllum - Transplant

If the bush of Feminine happiness has greatly grown, you need to transplant it into a larger container, thanks to this the plant will be able to develop and bloom normally. How to transplant a flower Female happiness:

  1. Prepare the soil from sheet, turfy soil, humus, sand.
  2. Place drainage (broken polystyrene foam or expanded clay) on the bottom of the pot.
  3. Fill a little soil.
  4. Put the root system in the pot.
  5. Fill up the rest of the soil.
  6. Spill the ground with prepared water in advance.

Flower Women's happiness - signs and superstitions

This plant is considered unusual. A lot of folk signs, conspiracies and superstitions are associated with female happiness. It is customary to give a flower to women and girls: it is very important that it is not bought independently, but was presented to loved ones. Representatives of the fair sex with pleasure hold Feminine happiness and believe that the flower bears such a name for certain reasons.

Signs about the flower Female happiness:

  1. It is believed that the flower presented to the girl makes her more attractive to men, feminine and tender.
  2. If you believe the signs, then Women's happiness in the house gives girls the opportunity to start a family.
  3. If the flower is placed in the bedroom of the spouses, then quarrels and discords pass the family.
  4. It is believed that feminine happiness in the home helps expectant mothers easier to bear a pregnancy.

Spathiphyllum - diseases

When the leaves of a favorite plant dry or begin to turn yellow, gardeners are very worried and do not know what to do. As a rule, if the flower Feminine happiness is sick, the signs appear as follows:

  1. Growth is slowing down. Moderate watering and slight shading will help save the flower.
  2. Leaves begin to turn yellow or blacken at the tips, spots appear in the middle of a brown hue. This may indicate parasites or excessive watering of Female happiness.
  3. The blackening tips and midpoints of the leaves may indicate a lack of phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium in the soil.
  4. The tips of the leaves turn yellow, dry - a sign of adaptation of the transplanted flower to a new environment. If Feminine happiness is already mature and mature, then watering should be intensified.
  5. Pests (shield aphids, spider mites, common aphids) can infect a flower if the air in the room is dry.

Why not female happiness blooms

Many owners of this flower note that it can not bloom for a long time. The reasons why spathiphyllum does not bloom at home can be the following:

  • too big pot;
  • improper watering;
  • lack of light;
  • low air temperature;
  • lack of top dressing;
  • need a transplant.

Feeding for spathiphyllum

In order for the flower to please the hosts with its beautiful view, it needs periodic top dressing. Without this, flowering will become irregular or stop altogether. How to feed spathiphyllum? The easiest option is to use organic fertilizers. You can take bird droppings or purchase mineral formulations for flowering plants in the store. You can feed every month once. During the period of active development, it will be necessary to feed twice.

Indoor plant Female happiness - photo

Once you see this beautiful plant, you will definitely want to settle it in your house. Spathiphyllum is a very lush bush with elongated green leaves, without stems. Its height reaches 50 cm. From the photo of the blooming spathiphyllum, we can conclude that the inflorescences of the plant can be red and white. If you properly care for the bush, regularly feed and water according to the schedule, then the plant will look great, as in the picture.

Video: home care for spathiphyllum


Irina, 36 years 5 years ago, my husband gave me "lady's happiness". I’m not sure that it attracts luck, but it grows well, constantly blossoms with white and red buds, unpretentious. Several times already had to plant a bush, because it grows very quickly.
Elizabeth, 42 years old Sister bought spathiphyllum for my birthday. He has been living in my house for 10 years, growing well, constantly blooming. Happiness did not bring a personal bush, but it looks very beautiful. It is easy to transplant and care for it, the plant has no special whims.
Julia, 21 Mom bought her mother-in-law spathiphyllum, after which she unexpectedly married after 15 years of a lonely life, and very successfully. I also asked for a miracle as a present. Now in my room is growing a beautiful bush with large leaves and red buds, as in the photo in magazines. Caring for a flower does not burden.