Foot ointment

The most common skin disease is mycosis of the feet. Infection, like the first stage of the pathology, is asymptomatic, due to which microbes freely spread throughout the body and lead to extensive infection. Nevertheless, the disease can be cured, and the most effective remedy against foot fungus is an ointment.

How to treat foot fungus

Modern pharmacies offer a large number of over-the-counter antifungal drugs. However, you should not independently choose a medicine for treatment at home. The purchased product may not be effective, and the fungus will continue its development. In order to eliminate mycosis of the foot as quickly as possible, you should trust a qualified doctor. A dermatologist will be able to determine the type of pathogen and stage of the disease. Based on these data, the specialist will select effective local medicines.

Antifungal Foot Ointments

There are a large number of different types of pathogens of foot fungi, each of which is specific and reacts differently to one or another remedy. As a rule, the skin of the feet is affected by dermatomycetes (trichotons, epidermophytons, mycospores). Less commonly, a person becomes infected with yeast or mold infections. Preparations for foot fungus are selected taking into account the type of pathogen, therefore, a dermatologist first performs a scraping analysis and only after receiving the results prescribes a specific ointment. Today, three main groups of antifungal drugs are common:

  1. Azoles. The group includes Miconazole, Clotrimazole, Ketoconazole, etc. These drugs for the treatment of foot fungus are effective against pathogens of dermatomycosis, candidiasis and many other pathogenic microbes.
  2. Allylamine. Naftifin and Terbinafine are the most popular ointments of this group. Means are characterized by a wide spectrum of action, however, the maximum inhibitory effect is exerted on dermatomycosis.
  3. Combined group. Drugs include both azole and allylamine. Moreover, they contain a number of other antibacterial components - keratolytics, corticosteroids, and others. Thanks to this composition, the product penetrates deep into the skin, nails, helping even in advanced cases of the disease.

A wide range of ointment for foot fungus

The choice of drug should be carried out taking into account the type of pathogen. Manufacturers of ointments for foot fungi add antimycotics of a wide spectrum of action to their composition, which are able to suppress almost all types of pathogenic bacteria that cause the development of mycosis. Nevertheless, the use of even such universal drugs should not be started without consulting a specialist. Broad-spectrum antifungal agents include:

  • Ketoconazole (has an inhibitory effect on dermatophytes, trichotons, epidermophytes, yeast-fungi);
  • Clotrimazole (the drug is used to treat mycosis of the feet and with damage to the inguinal region by candida fungi);
  • Loceryl (cream from the fungus on the legs is effective against almost all types of pathogens, has an antiseptic, fungistatic effect);
  • Cyclopirox (a broad spectrum ointment provides a bacteriostatic effect and inhibits the growth / spread of pathogenic bacteria).

Popular remedy for foot fungus

  1. Lamisil. The main component of the drug is terbinafine, which inhibits the synthesis of spores and poisons them, which leads to the gradual death of the fungus. When using Lamisil, the therapeutic effect is achieved relatively quickly. The remedy is effective for chromomycosis, dermatomycosis, candidiasis of the skin of the legs and certain types of lichen. Treatment is carried out for at least 14 days.
  2. Candide B. The drug of the combined type includes clotrimazole and beclomethasone glucocorticoid. Candide B relieves inflammation, has an antipruritic and anti-allergic effect. A remedy is prescribed for the treatment of multi-colored lichen, fungus on the foot, toes, nails. After the symptoms disappear, the course of therapy is continued for several more weeks.
  3. Nizoral. This cream for foot fungus includes azole - an active substance with fungistatic and fungicidal action. Nizoral quickly eliminates itching from the affected area of ​​the foot and fingers, relieving inflammation. It is necessary to use ointment from mycosis for at least 2 weeks, and with an advanced form of pathology, therapy is continued for 2 months.
  4. Exoderyl. The tool belongs to the group of allylamines. Due to the specific composition, the ointment destroys the walls of fungal spores, stopping their synthesis. Exoderil quickly relieves itching, provides an anti-inflammatory effect. To eliminate the fungus of the feet and fingers, it is recommended to continue treatment for 2-4 weeks, with onychomycosis, therapy lasts up to six months.

Cheap foot ointment for fungus

The high price of a pharmaceutical product does not always guarantee its quality and effectiveness. In pharmacies, inexpensive antifungal drugs are offered that are not inferior, and in some cases even superior, to expensive ointments in effectiveness. Cheap and effective medicines for foot fungus include:

  1. Terbinafine. This is a broad-spectrum drug that has not only fungicidal, but also fungistatic effects. Destroys almost all pathogens of fungal infection of the feet.
  2. Clotrimazole. The effect of the drug becomes noticeable after the first application - itching passes, the skin becomes less red. Clotrimazole effectively destroys various types of fungal spores.
  3. Nystatin ointment. The maximum effect is noticeable in the treatment of candida fungi. You can apply this cheap ointment not only for the treatment of feet, but also for any part of the body, as well as the vagina and oral cavity.
  4. Zinc ointment. Its main advantage is not the low price, but the ability to use it even during pregnancy and lactation. It has a drying, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect. It is recommended to be used simultaneously with another local drug with a more pronounced antifungal effect.

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The price of ointment against foot fungus

The price range for antifungal medicines is very large - from a couple of tens to hundreds of rubles. The cost of such drugs depends on the manufacturer, the popularity of the brand, the spectrum of action, and other factors. However, local drugs with a lower price are not always less effective than expensive creams / ointments. You can buy medicines at the pharmacy, buy at the online store, or even order home delivery. How much are the most popular antifungal medications (average price):

  • on Terbinafine - about 60 p.;
  • Clotrimazole - 40-50 p.;
  • Nystatin ointment - more than 45 p.;
  • Exifina - 250 r .;
  • on Terbizil - 80 p.

How to choose an ointment against a fungus on the legs

Therapy of the disease will be effective only if the right choice of medicines is not only for the price. To this end, a dermatologist examines a sample of the affected skin. Creams, varnishes, gels and other medicines, especially affordable ones, are best used at the very beginning of the development of pathology, when the infection has not yet spread to large areas of the feet and has not penetrated deep into the skin. The maximum effect can only be achieved by combining different types of local funds.

Among the wide variety of drugs presented in pharmacies, it is difficult to make a choice. When choosing an ointment from a foot fungus, it is important to know the type of pathogen of the disease - it depends on how effective the therapy will be. Many doctors, in addition to local medicines, prescribe antifungal tablets such as Fluconazole and others to patients with advanced mycoses.

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Marina, 38 years old - The son brought this sore from the camp: his legs were very itchy, reddish vesicles appeared on the skin, and peeling began. At the pharmacy, I was advised by Mikoseptin. They used the drug according to the instructions, the symptoms began to pass on the third day. A total of 2.5 weeks were treated with the child; there were no relapses after that.
Nikita, 25 years old - Already several times picked up mycosis in the pool. It is possible to treat it even with folk remedies, so buying ointments that are expensive at the price of a cream is not necessary. I use grandfathers recipe - I mix 1 raw egg with 1 tbsp. vinegar essence and the same amount of vegetable oil. With this mixture you need to smear your feet 2-3 times a day.
Yana, 41 years old - Any ointment from a foot fungus is effective if the type of pathogen is correctly determined. Even penny means can be easily cured, but first you need to go to the doctor. Clotrimazole (ointment / solution - there is no difference) helps me if a problem occurs. For skin healing, I use regular zinc ointment for 30 rubles.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.