Lactation Tea

The best nutrition for a child up to a year is considered to be breast milk, which contains all the necessary minerals, vitamins, and has a beneficial effect on the baby's body. If there is not enough milk, the child will experience hunger and discomfort. To prevent this situation, invented tea for lactation.

How to increase lactation

The process of lactation is otherwise called lactogenesis and occurs in the mammary glands and breast of a nursing woman. It begins with pregnancy, when the body prepares for the birth of a child. The process is caused by hormones prolactin, oxytocin. Milk is formed immediately from the moment of the birth of the baby, passes through the alveoli, the milk ducts to the nipple, and then into the baby’s digestive tract.

Strengthening lactation is facilitated by liquid foods, so mom needs to drink more water or broth. Milk is not recommended for these purposes, it can cause colic in children. With the release of milk may not be a problem, but lactation periods from time to time decline, then you will have to stimulate them with tea for lactation. How to increase the volume of breast milk? This can be done using ready-made pharmacy products or picking herbs yourself.

How to improve lactation with pre-packaged

If you do not know how to stimulate lactation, use alternative methods based on the intake of medicinal herbs. For the convenience of nursing, special lactational teas were invented that increase the excretion of milk using ready-made herbs. Their effectiveness is ensured, thanks to the properties of certain plants, plus these fees are useful for the overall strengthening of the body of a nursing woman.

Tea for lactation "Hipp"

This tea consists of lactose, glucose, it includes herbs lemon balm, nettle, caraway seeds, anise, galega, fennel. The collection is sold in pharmacies, it looks like convenient brewed granules. In addition to the beneficial effects on the lactation process, tea is pleasant to taste. It helps relieve stress, normalize sleep and improve health. Due to the absence of dyes and preservatives in the composition, herbal tea improves the digestion of mother and child. Stimulation of immunity is achieved by a balanced concentration of components, but for a natural composition you have to pay a higher price.

Tea "Grandmother's basket" for nursing mothers

This herbal tea has a packaged shape. The composition of the product includes fennel, lemon balm, clover, nettle, anise, caraway seeds. Due to the content of anise, tea has a corresponding taste and aroma. The drink is popular because of domestic origin, has a balanced composition, but is capable of causing allergies. To prevent this, a consultation with a doctor is necessary. In addition to stimulating lactation, tea is able to have antiseptic, calming, antispasmodic effects. The drink does not cause colic in infants and exists in the version with rose hips.

Tea "Lactafitol"

The collection is packaged in filter bags and consists of anise, fennel, caraway seeds and nettles. The manufacturer promised an increase in milk volume by almost 50%. In addition to the beneficial effect on lactation, tea has a carminative effect, stimulates appetite, improves digestion of the baby and mother. According to many positive reviews among mothers, tea is characterized as an affordable tool sold in any pharmacy that really confirms the declared effect.

Tea "Lactovit"

This is another domestic pharmaceutical preparation, which has the form of bags for individual brewing. It includes anise, nettle, dill or fennel, caraway seeds. The mixture of herbs has an effect that prevents the formation of colic in infants, improves the appetite of the child and mother and helps to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Tea is recommended to be taken in a course lasting 1 month, depending on the need to stimulate lactation.

How to increase breast milk folk remedies

If you have a question how to increase the amount of breast milk, the proven recipes of grandmothers or mothers will help in solving it. These include the use of a decoction of nettle, dill water, condensed milk or the addition of milk to a drink. Tea for nursing mothers should be warm. Such a drink stimulates the production of the hormone oxytocin, which affects milk production.

Tea with milk for lactation

A drink based on black tea with added milk or linden honey is considered the safest for mother and baby. You can take it if you or your baby do not have milk intolerance or an allergy to honey. To prepare a drink, brew a weak black tea, add milk, honey. This mixture has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, helping to normalize feeding.

Green tea varieties do not have lactogonous property, but only relax the ducts of the chest. This will help if stress or breast damage is the cause of decreased lactation. In such cases, green tea can be drunk no more than 2-3 cups a day, always with milk brewed not with boiling water, but with hot water (temperature not higher than 80 degrees).

Herbal tea to enhance lactation

Pharmacy fees can be replaced by self-prepared. Here are a few lactation aids that are added to plain black tea to get lactochai:

  • Hawthorn extract in the amount of 20 drops per 1 teaspoon of tea leaves.
  • Nettle broth in the same amount.
  • Infusion of anise, oregano, dill (a teaspoon per glass of water) is added to black tea for 1 tablespoon.
  • Caraway seeds, anise, nettle, dandelion root are poured with boiling water, infused for half an hour, then mixed in equal proportions with tea and honey.
  • Adding ginger to tea speeds up the dispersal of ducts.

You can independently use such funds for lactation:

  • a decoction of Ivan tea, which is also a sedative;
  • dill or fennel seeds in the amount of 1 tablespoon per 1.5 liters of water;
  • 1 tablespoon of pharmaceutical chamomile per 1 liter of water.

So that there is no doubt about herbs, buy them dried in a pharmacy, take infusions every day for a week or two. This time is enough to increase lactation, and with a lack of milk, you can again repeat the course without harm to health. The main thing in the preparation of drinks is to make them weak and to brew a fresh portion before each use.

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Maria, 27 years old -Milk began to disappear during the day, so I chose Hipp tea to restore feeding according to the doctor’s instructions. I like its convenient shape - you immediately brew the finished drink. I noticed that the milk supply increased, and the child stopped being naughty, sleeps better. Colic completely stopped bothering us. I'm glad!
Anna, 29 years old - To restore lactation, I turned to a proven tool that my mother also used. I began to brew nettle and take it with tea - the method works! Milk does not disappear, but the son sleeps harder, eats with appetite. I tried dill infusion - I liked it less because of the taste, but then the colic went away. I will alternate them.
Irina, 24 years old - I am an adherent of everything natural, so for me the natural composition of all the funds taken is important. When choosing lactational tea, I turned my attention to Grandma’s basket. This collection has a convenient format, a pleasant taste, effectively increases lactation. I am pleased, I will recommend it to my friends when they have kids!
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