How to lose weight with Chinese dishes 7 secrets

Unlike Western cultures, the Chinese are of the opinion that taste characteristics are the main indicator of good food. While the food is tasty, it deserves a place on the dining table. Surprisingly, the calculation of the amount of calories consumed, the fat content in foods is not taken into account in the preparation of the Chinese menu. Why are the beautiful Chinese women distinguished by their slender figures, and legends are made up about their ability to look younger than their age?

7 secrets of losing weight "in Chinese":

  1. Less cutlery, fewer servings. The small sizes of the plates help regulate the amount of food consumed. A couple of spoons of rice, a small portion of meat or a vegetable dish is a great option for weight loss.
  2. The principle of "common dishes." Traditional rice, noodles - invariable dishes served individually when ordering in a Chinese restaurant. The remaining servings are served in a "family style." Trying a variety of delicacies, sharing snacks among themselves, you eat smaller portions. This principle is called "calorie control" in most diets.
  3. Three meals a day. Young Chinese girls are accustomed to the fact that breakfast is the most important meal that gathers the whole family at the table. A proportional division of calories into 3 doses, a light dinner will help with weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Vegetables in the spotlight. Containing fiber, carbohydrates and nutrients, vegetables in the Chinese menu carry the “main load”, acting as an independent dish, whereas in Western culture they are used to prepare snacks or decorate food.
  5. Attention to soups. By consuming soups in significant quantities, Chinese women support the health of the digestive tract, on which the metabolic rate of the body depends. Vegetable ingredients, seafood, spicy seasonings enhance the fat-burning effect of the first dishes.
  6. Steaming. Rice beloved by oriental beauties on water is an ideal way to get rid of extra pounds, which is the basis of many famous diets.
  7. Green tea. The Chinese are convinced of the ability of the drink to cleanse the body of any toxins due to the high content of antioxidants. In addition, a cup of green tea between main meals helps to eliminate cravings for other harmful types of soft drinks - soda, energy.

The Chinese culture of cooking and eating is very different from the Western mentality. Steaming, sharing meals in a family setting, using vegetables and fruits as main dishes help to saturate the body with vitamins, trace elements that promote weight loss. Thanks to these factors, Chinese women have slim figures and, preferring delicious food, do not think about its calorie content.

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