Lose weight by 10 kg in 2 months

Any outfit that you like fits perfectly on your figure. The hair and nails are healthy, the skin has a uniform color. Do you dream about this? Extra pounds will not become an ally in this case - it's time to get rid of them. Lose weight by 10 kg in 2 months - how realistic is it? Quite! You do not have to do nausea in the gym or eat only buckwheat. There are plenty of gentle weight loss options that will benefit the body only.

How to lose weight in 2 months at 10 kg at home

This weight gain does not cause the body to put off every extra calorie in the fat depot. How much can you lose 10 kg? To lose so much weight in 2 months, you need to burn 1.17 kg of fat per week, which equals 9009 kcal. You need to create a deficit of 1287 kcal per day. To do this, it is worth reducing the value of the daily diet by 15%, being physically active, doing cardio and strength exercises.

An exceptional calorie deficit makes the body lose weight well in a couple of months. Calculation of the energy value of the daily diet is very effective. Do not use for weight loss less than 1200 kcal per day if you are a woman, and less than 1600 kcal if you are a man. When few energy sources enter the body, the metabolism slows down, the process of weight loss is inhibited. Forget about strict diets for quick weight loss of 10 kg, because such methods of nutrition are designed for immediate results.

Using a 10 kg diet

The rules for losing weight in 2 months are simple. The best diet for losing weight by 10 kg is the rejection of a number of products, the limitation of certain goodies and the daily routine:

  • Strictly forbid yourself to eat everything flour and sweet.
  • Replace soda with green tea. Drink as much clean water as you overpower (aim for 1.5-2 liters) - remove excess weight faster.
  • Be sure to have breakfast, because your energy, energy during the day, the strength of hunger in the evening, and success in losing weight depend on this.
  • Breakfast should be hearty, but not full. Lunch is full, and dinner is light. The planned healthy snacks - fruits, nuts, yogurt, dried fruits - will help to lose weight.
  • Try a month to eat small meals weighing up to 200 g 6-8 times a day.
  • Do not create long gaps between meals. If hunger breaks out, you will not calm him down with a small plate of porridge with salad, and it will be difficult to lose weight well in 2 months.
  • Before 16.00 eat complex carbohydrates and fiber, then focus on protein foods - meat, fish, legumes. Combine them with vegetables and herbs.
  • Eat by mode. The body will get used to and will send out hunger signals at the right hours, which will help you lose weight and control weight.

In winter, the body reluctantly says goodbye to the extra kilos. However, this is not a reason to postpone the task of losing weight in a distant box. Other diets for weight loss at home (cabbage, onion, buckwheat) are not so sparing. They give an instant result, the weight goes much faster - in 7-14 days. Unfortunately, excess body weight is also gaining rapidly, and the state of health after them leaves much to be desired. To lose weight by 10 kg in just 2 months, you should not limit yourself so. The above rules will be enough to lose weight.

Slimming exercises

Physical activity is indispensable if you want to lose weight. Presented to your attention 10 exercises for weight loss:

  1. Squats, lunges. They load the most voluminous muscle group. The latter grow and require more energy for their life.
  2. Step. One hour of classes on it will burn about 700 kcal. Energetic climbs, jumps on a step platform will make you lose weight quickly.
  3. Walking will not overload the body and will allow you to get rid of 390 kcal / hour.
  4. Lose weight efficiently by 10 kg in 2 months will help clockwork dancing.
  5. Run more effective - it will burn 550-650 kcal / hour and lose weight in problem areas in a couple of months.
  6. Make friends with the bike, a two-wheeled friend will take you from 500-800 kcal / hour.
  7. Swimming very important in the summer, when the sea or river has already warmed up. In winter, sign up for a pool and you will spend about 800 kcal / hour.
  8. Dumbbell Exercises. They load muscles well, make energy expenditure higher.
  9. Static Slimming Exercises. This includes the bar, fading in the semi-squat, lateral inclinations in static, keeping the legs at an angle.
  10. Cleaning the house - An alternative way to lose weight in 2 months. When the event is accompanied by washing the windows, a good reduction in weight is guaranteed.

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No diets

How to lose weight without harm to health by 10 kg? There is only one solution - a healthy diet. It practically duplicates what is written above, with the exception of a few nuances. Almost everyone is allowed to eat, but in small portions. Some sweets are allowed - natural marshmallows, honey, homemade pastries made from whole grain or oatmeal. Sometimes you can pamper yourself and even eat a hamburger, you just have to work it out. How to lose weight correctly by 10 kg, you know, it remains only to translate knowledge into reality.

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Real weight loss experience always motivates much more than theoretical advice. Practice proves that there are people who not only know how to immediately lose weight by 10 kg, but also successfully apply their knowledge. A little motivation, willpower, specific rules for losing weight will help you find a guide in this difficult matter and achieve your desired goal. Learn more about motivation for losing weight.


Nadia, 19 years old - I was very helped to lose weight self-discipline - regimen and proper nutrition. I removed all fried, fatty, fast carbohydrates and sweets from the menu. Kilograms left before my eyes, but I had a good supply of excess weight. I added trips to the gym (to the fitness zumba) and after a couple of months I saw a wonderful result.
Anastasia, 38 years old -My story is from the kind of those "how I lost 20 kg." Starting weight - 135 kg. At first I refused a hearty dinner, in the morning I drank two glasses of water after waking up, after 20 minutes I had breakfast. Gradually stopped eating junk food, more emphasis on protein products. The result for the first 7 days is minus 2.5 kg. Over time, I added a treadmill and an orbit track and continue to lose weight.
Lera, 23 years: -Dyukan's diet became my salvation. Just in 2 months I lost 10 kg. An excellent program that takes into account the characteristics of the body. The first stage is complicated, but then it became easier. Weight went off easily. I think that the way of eating according to Ducane will become a way of life.

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Photos of those who lost 10 kg before and after

These people were able to lose weight and change themselves in less than a month. The following selection will make your motivation and self-confidence even stronger. The main characters of the photo were complete, but they proved to everyone that they are able to achieve the task. You are not worse! Start losing weight not today, not tomorrow, but right now. After 2 months, or even earlier, you will lose weight, and passers-by will look at you with a look of admiration.

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