5 best cushions for the back

Spinal problems are a common occurrence. They are found in people engaged in sedentary labor, athletes, the elderly. For the purpose of prevention and for correction of the spine, a special device has been developed - a roller for the back.

How to choose a roller for the back

An orthopedic roller for the back is used as a sports simulator, a tool for stretching the lower back, a tool during exercise therapy and exercises during rehabilitation of patients. It has a length of 0.9 to 1.5 m and a thickness of 6-15 cm. The parameters are selected according to personal feelings, they do not affect the quality of classes. The roller is used for static stretching. It fully straightens the spine.

Thanks to proper posture, the fat layer is evenly distributed, which accelerates weight loss.

Type of fillers

  • Polyurethane - flexible, takes any form, easy to clean.

  • Polyester - you need to beat to adjust the shape and height.
  • Buckwheat husk - tough, hypoallergenic, remembers the position of the body, placed under the neck or head.
  • Juniper shavings - It smells good, treats cervical osteochondrosis, and corrects posture.

The form

  • Cylinder - during classes you need to monitor the balance, which increases the load on the body, improving the result. The form is suitable if the roller under the back is used while sitting. It is attached to the chair with straps, supports the natural deflection of the spine during the day.

  • Half cylinder - a longitudinally divided shape-preserving roller. It is usually placed under the neck. The size of the product is determined by the distance from the left to the right shoulder joint and is taken with a margin of 1-2 cm.
  • Soft Roller Michael King - prepares for complex sets of exercises, improves the flexibility of the muscle corset, relieves stress, restores the spine.

Application rules

Exercise will only benefit if you take the right pose. During a static stretch, you need to lie on the roller with your back so that it is under the lower back. Stretch your arms above your head and connect your little fingers. Spread the legs shoulder-width apart, join the thumbs. This position should be maintained for 2 minutes, and after 3-4 workouts, increase the time to 5 minutes.

With discomfort, the exercise is interrupted.


  • severe back pain or herniation of the intervertebral disc;

  • cold;
  • rehabilitation after compression fracture or vertebral fissure;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding.

Top 5 best models

Massage is indispensable for pain in the back, joints. Choose all orthopedic appliances carefully, taking into account contraindications, recommendations of the attending physician. The review was compiled based on the feedback of people who have already experienced a roll or pillow.

5. Us Medica Half Round USM 002

The massage roller is used by practitioners to provide services to children and adults. During the procedure, the massager is placed under the stomach or lower leg. The product consists of foam rubber and upholstery made of artificial medical leather, hypoallergenic. The roller is attached to the chair with straps and buckles. So a person takes the right pose to work out individual zones. Dimensions - 62 × 21.5 × 11 cm, weight 430 g.


  • 2560-3200 rub.


  • high quality;

  • pleasant tactile;
  • classic style;
  • convenient to use;
  • ease of cleaning.


  • high price.

4. "Tuba" BRADEX SF0064

The roller is intended for mechanical massage of the hips, calves, legs, lower back, back or buttocks. It relieves stress, saturates the muscles with oxygen, restores blood circulation. Daily exercises contribute to weight loss.

The tuba has a two-layer construction. The base is made of foamed polymer and polyvinyl chloride. It is coated with blue ribbed plastic. This allows the use of a roller for acupressure of certain areas. The package contains exercise information, but it is in English. Dimensions - 33 × 14x14 cm, diameter - 15 cm, weight 830 g.


  • 1416 rubles.


  • simplicity;

  • convenience;
  • efficiency;
  • multifunctionality;
  • recognition of doctors and professional trainers.


  • high rigidity;

  • slightly repulsive appearance.

3. Trivestop-108 pillow under the back

A polyurethane roller is suitable for people who work while sitting. It is easily attached to a chair or chair, has an anatomical shape that maintains proper posture. The pillow is stable, fits snugly against the chair. Using the accessory reduces muscle fatigue, normalizes tone. The pillow consists of a polyurethane foam base and pillowcase. Removable upholstery in chocolate shade made of fleece and cotton, hypoallergenic, breathable. Product dimensions - 36 × 33 × 13 cm.


  • 1139-2660 rub.


  • pregnant women can use the pillow;

  • softness;
  • convenience, comfort;
  • sewing quality;
  • does not lose shape over time.


  • short fastening belt;

  • special processing.

2. Bradex Acupressure pillow for acupuncture massage

This is an Israeli-made Chinese-made product. An acupuncture massage pillow is placed under the cervical-collar zone, pelvis, lower legs and back. It relieves fatigue, relieves muscle tension, helps fight stress and excess weight. The duration of the session is 15-30 minutes, selected by sensations.

The product consists of a plastic case filled with polyurethane. Plastic provides rigidity, does not allow the pillow to deform. On a blue removable cover made of 100% cotton, there are rows of white plastic applicators. They are treated with antiseptics before each lesson. Dimensions - 30 × 23x9.5 cm, weight - 380 g.


  • 810-1205 rub.


  • high quality;

  • universal;
  • reliable, durable;
  • low cost.


  • you need to constantly process plastic applicators.

1. Applicator Lyapko, Universal

The roller is used to massage all parts of the body. It improves performance, normalizes sleep, metabolism, restores the sexual functions of the body and eliminates inflammatory reactions. It is used to prevent cellulitis, spinal pain, diseases of the nervous system.

The product consists of a wooden handle and a moving part. The roller is studded with blue medical rubber with needles similar to small nails made of copper, silver, iron, zinc and nickel. The touch of the needles is practically not felt, they are not sharp, but they disperse the blood well through the capillaries, warm the muscles. Width - 7 cm, diameter - 5.1 cm, needle pitch - 3.5 mm.


  • 1510-1990 rub.


  • compactness;

  • high quality;
  • efficiency;
  • complex effect on the body.


  • cannot be used for skin hypersensitivity;

  • sold only in the medical equipment store.

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