January 2019 lunar haircut calendar - auspicious days

Since ancient times, people have known about the influence of the moon on earth processes, plants, animals, and the human body. In the modern world, they use the lunar calendar to determine the suitable date for going to the hairdresser. Days, taking into account the phase of the moon, its presence in a particular zodiac sign indicate when it is better to cut hair, dye or curl hair.

Which moon is better to cut hair

It is believed that the well-being of a person and his well-being depend on what phase of the moon the haircut is made on. It is better to cut hair when growing, so that hair grows faster, and when it decreases, growth slows down, but the shape of the hairstyle lasts longer.

Can I get a full moon haircut?

Going to the hairdresser on the days of the full moon is prohibited - this can lead to illness and an unpredictable result from hairstyles. The hair will become thin, thinned, dandruff will appear, hair will fall out, the paint will quickly disappear, the roots will grow back quickly.

Calendar of haircuts on the lunar days in January 2019

Day of the month, day of the week, lunar day number

Moon phase, zodiac sign.

Sunrise sunset, haircut period estimate

1, tuesday, 24-25

Waning, scorpion

03.41-13.38, rather positive

2, Wednesday, 25-26

04.56-14.01, rather positive

3, thursday, 26-27

Waning, Sagittarius

08/06/14.29, a favorable day for haircuts

4, friday, 27-28

07.15-15.04, unfavorable

5, saturday, 28-29

Waning, capricorn

08.15-15.47, very favorable

6, sunday, 29, 1-2

New Moon, Capricorn

09.05-16.39, neutral

7, monday, 2-3

Growing aquarius

09.45-17.39, very favorable

8, tuesday, 3-4

10.17-18.43, rather favorable

9, Wednesday, 4-5

10.43-19.51, very favorable

10, thursday, 5-6

Growing fish

11.03-20.59, rather favorable

11, friday, 6-7

11.21-22.09, neutral

12, saturday, 7-8

Growing aries

11.37-23.19, neutral

13, sunday, 8-9

11.52-00.00, neutral

14, monday, 9-10

First quarter aries

12.08-00.30, rather favorable

15, tuesday, 10-11

Growing, taurus

12.25-01.44, rather favorable

16, wednesday, 11-12

12.46-03.00, very favorable

17, thursday, 12-13

Growing, twins

12/13/04/19, rather positive

18, friday, 13-14

13.47-05.39, neutral

19, saturday, 14-15

Growing cancer

14.35-06.55, rather positive

20, sunday, 15-16

15.39-08.01, unfavorable

21, monday, 16-17

Full moon, cancer

16.57-08.54, rather positive

22, tuesday, 17-18

Waning lion

18.24-09.34, rather positive

23, wednesday, 18-19

Waning maiden

19.54-10.05, favorable

24, thursday, 19-20

21.22-10.29, neutral

25, friday, 20-21

Waning, scales

22.47-10.49, neutral

26, saturday, 21

00.00-11.07, rather positive

27, sunday, 21-22

Waning, scorpion

09/09/11.25, unfavorable

28, monday, 22-23

Third quarter, scorpion

01.29-11.45, unfavorable

29, monday, 23-24

Waning, scorpion

02.46-12.07, neutral

30, wednesday, 24-25

Waning, Sagittarius

03.59-12.33, unfavorable

31, thursday, 25-26

07/05/13.05, unfavorable

Auspicious days

A haircut on the lunar days will give beauty to the hair and well-being of its owner, if you go to the hairdresser on such dates in January 2019:

  • 01/03/19 - life will be filled with pleasant events, the mood will improve. Haircut brings wealth and luck, changes life in a positive way, improves hair strength.
  • 01/04/19 - appearance will improve, friendly antagonistic people will be attracted. If you cut your hair according to the lunar calendar, then a haircut will bring monetary prosperity and a favorable fate.
  • 01/09/19 - a visit to the hairdresser will bring luck, wealth, an ideal day to change the image.
  • 01/15/19 - a haircut will make the perception thin and conscious, the mind is penetrating, the hair will grow healthy and strong, you can strengthen the roots and improve the appearance of the hair.

What moonlight days you can not cut hair

A trip to the hairdresser on the lunar calendar in January 2019 is prohibited on such days:

  • 01/01/19 - you can lose sight of the main thing, not see the opportunity, there is a risk of making life worse;
  • 01/10/19 - you can bring the disease into life, become depressed, dandruff will appear, your hair will become brittle, dry;
  • 01/11/19 - there is a risk of attracting enemies into the life, dandruff will appear, hair can greatly slow down growth;
  • 01/13/19 - a haircut will bring to life ambiguity, confusion, it can weaken the immune system, develop a disease.

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