What sore throat lozenges are the most effective

With the onset of the cold winter season among children and adults, a problem arises with the appearance of a sore throat. It can be of a short-term nature or become a harbinger of colds and infectious diseases. Sore throat lozenges are a common way to combat this problem. Modern manufacturers every year delight consumers with new products, but are such sweets really the most effective? To give an answer to this question, you should understand their composition and principle of action.

Types of Candies for Sore Throat

Most pharmaceutical companies produce all kinds of delicious sucking sweets designed to ease the symptoms of a sore throat. Products that regularly replenish the shelves of pharmacies and shops differ not only in taste, but also in their properties. Lollipops often include certain substances, such as, for example, phenol, which make effective sore throats from regular sucking sweets. Among the popular pills for sore throat are "Hexoral", "Travisil", "Carmolis", "Grammidine" and others.

With antibiotic

Lollipops with antibiotics are an effective remedy not only for acute sore throat, but also for such chronic diseases as pharyngitis, purulent tonsillitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis. Among the common sucking tablets for throat with antibiotics, Coldact Lorpils is distinguished. This tool is characterized by analgesic and antibacterial action. The drug helps to eliminate sore throat and effectively treat colds.

With essential oils

Lozenges based on essential oils of medicinal herbs are suitable for eliminating the symptoms of sore throat that occur in the early stages of the disease. Due to the fact that such sweets are usually made on the basis of recipes from traditional medicine, they are safe for the body. The remedies for the throat with essential oils include Karmolis and Travisil products. Sweets have a pleasant spicy menthol taste, soften pain, freshen breath.

Under the brand name "Carmolis" also produced candy for children. Often, even with acute sore throat, it’s difficult for a baby to persuade him to take bitter pills, but no child will refuse to suck on delicious sweets. Carmolis baby suckers are made from vitamin C and honey. Sucking pills have a mild taste, have a pleasant sweet aftertaste, so persuading the baby to take such a medicine is not difficult.

With sage

Sage is a plant characterized by a mass of beneficial properties. This component is often a component of sucking pills, designed to help overcome sore throat. Among the properties of candies with sage, the ability to relieve hoarseness and inflammation, as well as to freshen breath, is distinguished. Such tablets are allowed to take children from 12 years. Lollipops for sore throats with sage include products from the German company Doctor Doctor. In addition to sage extract, the tablets contain maltose syrup, sugar, citric acid and flavorings.

Sore throat lozenges - which are better

When it comes to the inflammatory process that occurs on the walls of the pharynx, among the effective remedies for the disease, one cannot but single out special sucking candies. A significant advantage of this remedy for sore throat is the minimum list of contraindications. Sucking sweets will not have a serious effect on medicines prescribed by your doctor. However, when buying such drugs, it should be borne in mind that some manufacturers often mask ordinary candies as a medicine.


  • Composition: 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol, amyl methacresol.
  • Indications: sweets with menthol and eucalyptus are intended for the treatment of cough and sore throat against the background of infectious and inflammatory diseases. Strepsils with Honey and Lemon, as well as Original and Vitamin C are used for the symptomatic treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases. The drug with a taste of lemon without sugar is used as an antiseptic to relieve sore throat.
  • Application: sucking tablets are allowed for use by children from six years. When the first symptoms of a sore throat occur, one candy should be absorbed every two to three hours. The maximum daily dosage is 12 pieces. The duration of treatment depends entirely on the clinical picture.
  • Average price: 175 rub.


  • Ingredients: essential oils of peppermint, fragrant cloves, Chinese cinnamon, narrow-leaved and broad-leaved lavender, sage, nutmeg, lemon balm, anise, thyme, lemon.
  • Indications: the drug is used for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza. In addition, lollipops help with motion sickness in transport, and are also used in the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity and gums. Carmolis tablets are used by sports physicians to increase inspiratory volume during fatigue, anxiety, and decreased working capacity. Lollipops are an effective remedy for eliminating sore throat.
  • Application: lozenges should be absorbed every two hours. The maximum allowable daily dosage is 10 tablets.
  • The average price is 182 rubles.


  • Composition: amylmethacresol, 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol.
  • Indications: lollipops are indicated for use in case of symptoms of infectious and inflammatory diseases in the oral cavity and throat.
  • Application: adults are recommended to dissolve tablets every two hours, one at a time. The maximum daily dosage is 8 candies.
  • Average price: 95 rub.


  • Composition: gramicidin C dihydrochloride, cetylpyridinium chloride monohydrate.
  • Indications: the drug is used in the presence of pharyngitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis, tonsillitis, periodontal disease, stomatitis.
  • Usage: Lollipops should be taken after meals. Immediately after resorption, the tablets should not be eaten or drunk for one to two hours. For adults and children over 12 years old, it is allowed to take one tablet three to four times a day. For children from 4 to 12 years old, one tablet should be taken once or twice.
  • Average price: 190 rub.

What lollipops can be used during pregnancy?

Sore throat during pregnancy or while breastfeeding is aggravated by the fact that serious medications are no longer suitable for its elimination. To begin with, a future mother should definitely consult a doctor. Women during pregnancy and lactation are contraindicated in the use of many drugs like Fervex or Coldrex. In addition, the expectant mother is not recommended to use many candies, designed to relieve sore throat.

Preparations such as Strepsils are multicomponent drugs, many of whose ingredients are unsafe for women during pregnancy. A similar, but short-term effect has ordinary sucking mint sweets, which are sold in stores. Those that include peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, honey and sugar will help relieve acute symptoms, although they will not contribute to the treatment of the throat.

Effective and safe lollipops for children

Lollipops designed to relieve sore throats were originally invented specifically for children. Initially, such sweets were supposed to relieve acute symptoms of the disease, and not to treat it, because children are more likely to suck a delicious lollipop than to drink a bitter mixture. When the tablet is resorbed, its active substances envelop the throat with a protective film, providing a softening effect. Before giving a child throat lozenges, read the instructions, and also make sure that children are allowed to take this drug.

Almost all lozenges for sore throats are allowed for children from five to six years old. The fact is that a small child risks choking on such a pill by accidentally swallowing it. In order not to harm the health of a young child, he should not give such therapeutic sweets. The instructions for each drug always indicate at what age it is allowed to take this drug. Among effective remedies for children, “Faringosept”, “Lisobakt”, “Strepsils” are distinguished.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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