Spices for coffee - description and characteristics of popular spices

Add various spices to coffee - this tradition has come to us from the East. Many seasonings can not only neutralize the harmful effects of caffeine, but also give a unique taste and aroma to the drink.

10 popular spices for coffee

There are a huge number of spices for coffee, with which you can diversify the taste of the drink. Some people prefer a sour taste, others prefer an island taste.

Many add spices for coffee in order to maintain their health, because they have useful properties.




Mode of application


Spicy, spicy

Relieves fatigue, invigorates, boosts immunity, energizes.

Add half a teaspoon when boiling.



Helps fight colds, is an antiseptic.

It can be put during cooking and after cooking.


Spicy, piquant

It neutralizes caffeine, has a beneficial effect on the heart, and soothes.

The spice is ground and added to the Turku along with the main ingredient.



Fights insomnia, uplifting.

Put in the finished drink.



It has anti-colds properties, improves blood circulation in the brain, normalizes blood pressure, and accelerates metabolism.

A small amount is added during cooking.



Tones up, has a positive effect on men's health.

It can be put while making a drink or sprinkled on foam.

Black pepper

Bitter, sharp, burning

Cleanses the body, fills with energy, fights against diseases of the respiratory system.

During cooking, add 2-3 peas.



It suppresses nervousness, makes breathing fresh, and provokes appetite.

Pour half a teaspoon into ground coffee and put to boil.

Star anise


Restores voice, cures cough, is good for the stomach. Used in traditional medicine.

Add a few stars at the end of cooking.



It has a laxative effect.

Put in the finished drink.

Fancy supplements

It is generally accepted that coffee is in addition to the main meal, but in many countries the drink is made quite an independent dish, adding different products to it and achieving unusual taste combinations. For example, Finnish people like to fill in cheese slices with a coffee drink, and then eat a viscous product while drinking brown liquid.

In Vietnam, coffee is served omelette made with condensed milk. The treat turns out to be sweet, therefore it acts as a dessert. In Scandinavia, coffee is made with alcohol. Thanks to this, the drink is warming and relaxing. Very often, additional ingredients are garlic, salt, figs, dates, clover, citrus fruits.

Rules for the use of spices

If coffee additives are used for the first time, you need to follow some rules so as not to spoil the impression of the final result:

  • You should start adding spices in very small portions. This will help you understand if you like the taste and aroma, and then adjust the amount.
  • You do not need to combine more than three seasonings: this will only spoil the drink.
  • It is better to buy spices for coffee in its entirety, and grind them at home.

    Over time, spices lose their taste and aroma, having bought them in the market, you can run into low-quality powder.

How to choose spices for coffee

The seasoning for coffee can make the drink brighter and richer, as well as add useful properties to it. To pick up spices, you need to consider several points:

  1. Additives such as garlic, pepper or salt enhance the aroma.
  2. Refreshed - citrus, ginger.
  3. Coffee with milk will perfectly complement cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla. They emphasize sweet notes.
  4. Spicy taste will give nutmeg or clove.
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