DIY holiday hairstyles at home

Are you going to an event? To alongside need styling appropriate to the event. Medium and short strands can also be beautifully laid. There are women's holiday hairstyles that are easy to do with your own hands.

Greek style hairstyle

The hairstyle is more suitable for owners of curls with a length from shoulders and below, but according to reviews, it can be done with a shorter length:

  1. Separate clean, dry strands in the middle.
  2. Comb at the roots or use powder for volume.
  3. Put on the bezel for the Greek hairstyle, fix it just above the hairline.
  4. Tuck loose strands under the rim, moving from the forehead to the back of the head.
  5. Sprinkle with varnish.

Do-it-yourself braid

The original styling looks great on the length to the shoulder blades or shoulders:

  1. Divide the hair into three parts - 2 temporal and 1 occipital, tie it in a ponytail.
  2. Near one temple, separate the strand and weave the French braid along the hairline, moving to the back of the head. Secure with a hairpin.
  3. Repeat weaving from the second temple.
  4. Align the braids, fasten with an elastic band along with the occipital part of the strands.
  5. Hide the resulting tail under the weave or fold into a bagel, securing with a large accessory.

Mischievous curls

From curls, wonderful festive hairstyles for thin hair are obtained:

  1. Wash your hair, dry it.
  2. Make curls from the roots with a curling iron or ironing, capturing the medium-thick strands.
  3. Separate the curls with your fingers, whisk for volume.
  4. Apply varnish.

Scythe Waterfall

Graceful hairstyle for a medium haircut - not higher than the shoulder blades:

  1. Comb the whole mop, make a parting.
  2. Separate the strand from one edge near the temple, divide into three parts.
  3. Start weaving a braid. After the first binding, transfer the upper strand to the center and leave it to hang down, and instead take a new one from the lower mass of hair. To the strand that was on top, add strands from the top of the head. Weave according to the pattern to the middle of the nape or from temple to temple.
  4. At the end, secure the braid with a hairpin or rubber band. Screw the hanging strands onto curlers or with a curling iron.

Festive hairstyle with comb

Looks perfect when making short haircuts. The option fits any outfit. How to do:

  1. Wash your hair, dry.
  2. Apply wax to your fingers for styling. Gently comb all the strands back. Do not use a comb for this, only fingers and wax.
  3. When the comb is formed, blow dry and fix with varnish.

Low braided bun

A simple and elegant hairstyle for short lengths. It is preferable that it be at least slightly below the neck:

  1. Make a low tail, do not tighten tight.
  2. Make a hole above the elastic, pass the tail through it, wrapping the elastic around it.
  3. Braid the tail into a braid, again pass through the hole.
  4. Hide the voids with strands, pull them slightly on the back of the head, and tuck the tip of the braid into a bundle and fix it with hairpins, invisible.

Hairstyle with ribbons

This is a quick way to decorate your usual styling. Take a special hair accessory or a thin ribbon of silk or a dense, bright fabric:

  1. Comb, lay the entire volume in the usual way.
  2. Tie the tape along the hairline, hide its back under the back of the head. Sprinkle the glitter varnish if desired.

Short hair wreath

Hairstyle for owners of hair just below the neck. It resembles a Greek styling, but without a bezel:

  1. Make a straight part in the middle.
  2. Create a light pile at the roots.
  3. Leave a lock on the face on each side, and twist the remaining hair into tight braids - from the forehead to the back of the head.
  4. Fasten the harnesses with invisibility or a beautiful hair clip.

Bandage hairstyle

With the help of a bright bandage, it is easy to create holiday hairstyles with bangs:

  1. Separate the bangs from the total mass of the strands and stab.
  2. Comb the back of the head and crown, lift it higher and form a sloppy mop, secure it with invisibility.
  3. With a scarf or bandage, wrap the back of the head and head, and tie the ends from above, between the bangs and the rest of the hair.
  4. Dissolve a bang, straighten and lay.

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