Beach bag 2019

With the onset of hot summer, I so want to go to the beach, to pleasant, warm water. A real girl will not forget to bring a stylish, attractive bag. Popular designers have added this indispensable accessory to the summer collections. The fair sex is provided with a wide range of types and designs of products. Unusual styles and colorful decor of these accessories will make a beach holiday unforgettable and comfortable.


An interesting option is a rug bag. The top is often made of cotton and the lining is nylon. On the beach, it transforms into a fabric rug. Another multifunctional option is a lounger bag. Reminds the previous look, but surpasses in the sizes. The product easily contains the necessary things for a single and family beach holiday. Durable material is considered a great advantage due to which the accessory can withstand heavy weight.

A full-fledged compact set for a beach holiday can rightly be considered a bag with an inflatable pillow. The durable thing resembles a rug, but has an additional built-in element. The nylon surface allows the use of litter in all conditions. Lovers of unusual things should pay attention to the mattress bag. The main advantage is that you do not have to feel beach sand or rocks through the litter, just puff out your bag and enjoy your vacation.

Another view, a transformer bag, will provide comfortable transportation of things. Can be worn on the shoulders or by small handles. No less interesting is a bag bag made of soft material of a rectangular or square shape. This bag has a bright color with a minimum of additional decor. If you do not want to worry once again that things can be spoiled by moisture or beach sand - choose a different type of product. Pay attention to the mesh bag. Roomy and bright accessory withstands heavy weight, suitable for a beach holiday with children.

Handmade knitted accessories will not really protect your things, but their stylish and unique appearance will please you. This option is well suited to owners of knitted swimsuits. Woven bags made of natural materials will delight girls who care about the environment. The accessory is made of light straw, and the shape resembles a rustic basket. Simplicity and elegance of design do not leave fashionistas indifferent.


A bag for the beach should be beautiful, comfortable and practical. It is very important to take care of the product material. On the shelves of stores more and more often you can see an accessory made of silicone. This beach bag is durable, bright colors, affordable cost. You can find the original transparent model. Products made of polyester are no less relevant, especially if even pens are made of it. Both materials are waterproof, which protects the contents from accidental wetting.

If you want to stand out from the total mass of holidaymakers, then choose bright plastic bags. Neon colors go well with trendy swimsuits and pareos. Caring for a beach accessory is very easy, and it will last more than one season. Another extravagant material is recycled plastic bags. The color scheme is the same as in the previous view. The product will delight those who are ecologically sensitive, recycled materials get a chance for a second life instead of polluting the environment with decay products.

The sale of handmade products is gaining great popularity. Knitted accessories for a beach holiday from knitted yarn are distinguished by original patterns, bright colors, interesting relief. Today, trendy beach travel bags made of tapestry fabric. This accessory is not practical, but a special design. Some products for a beach holiday look like real canvases with paintings. An additional button or fringe decor adds elegance.

Prints and Finishes

Of great importance is the appearance of the accessory. With a variety of designs, you can emphasize your personality. Popular prints:

  • stripes;
  • cats
  • marine style drawings;
  • flowers.

Accessories for recreation with wide stripes are associated with marine vests, go well with beach dresses. The print with cats looks cute. Ideal for young girls who want to emphasize the originality and spontaneity of their own nature. An interesting decoration with shells, anchors, drawings of ships and sea animals will delight you during a beach holiday. An item in retro style with muted colors and ethnic motifs looks unusual. This trend is only gaining popularity, but has already won the hearts of many girls.

Fashion Brands Overview

Designers and fashion designers have developed a number of fascinating accessories for girls. The Crocs brand focuses on beach bags. Here you will find a wide range of plain polyester products. Turquoise, red, green accessories differ in size and shape, each girl will find a suitable option. Fans of vivid drawings and marine themes should pay attention to the collection from Charmante. Fabric accessories with shells, palm trees, exotic birds differ in styles and sizes.

In the assortment of Marc Jacobs bags for beach holidays are much smaller, but their appearance is mesmerizing. You will find trapezoidal models with a narrowed bottom. Most prints look like wonderful children's drawings. Victoria's Secret's elegant leisure accessories are designed in classic style with vibrant colors. Among other things, you can see the ANGELS model with a classic wide pink stripe and the inscription "Angels have landed on the beach". The attention of fashionistas is attracted by Ombr Tote in a classic black color with embroidered lettering and print.

Fashion trends

Roomy and practical accessories are the main trend. The product should have a bright color. Raspberry, blue, orange, scarlet, salad, turquoise, yellow colors are relevant this year. Monotony is associated with a kind of boredom, so look for a model with a floral print, geometric patterns or polka dots. African, ethnic motifs, applications, leopard colors are considered fashionable.

Stylists and designers urge to abandon artificial, waterproof materials in favor of natural fabrics, knitted, straw things. Square, rectangular shape this year in special honor. It is worth paying attention to handmade products, which differ in spaciousness, brightness, interesting finish. Such things look original and have no analogues. The main thing in all trends is to stand out from the total mass and not harm the environment.

How to choose

Specialists recommend that girls choose bright, extravagant models, and older women turn their attention to straw products of restrained colors. Choose roomy accessories to keep your items neatly folded. Dense practical handles will guarantee that the thing will support a lot of weight, will last longer than analogues. Make sure your beach items (pareo, swimsuit, bedding) match your style accessory.

Men's beach bags are essential for both single and family vacations. Tout style is very popular. This kind of different capacity, long comfortable handles. A wide range of prints, colors allows you to choose the right option, regardless of style and age. For family beach holidays, summer backpacks are very suitable, which are very convenient to wear.

Buying things for a child always becomes a test for parents. When choosing, you should pay special attention to size so that it is comfortable to wear. Better choose backpacks or models with long handles. A practical waterproof material will help protect important items from exposure to water or sand. Pay attention to models made of silicone, plastic or polyester. The design of this thing is completely up to your child’s preferences.

DIY beach bag

The popularity of handmade products gives a certain liberty to fashionistas. You can enjoy a beautiful product, even if you do not want to splurge on expensive branded models. The bag that you make will be just as stylish, and the price of materials is several times lower. Popular manufacturing methods are crocheting or recycling old things. The second option is so simple that children can be involved in the process.


A convenient large-sized bag (30 cm high, 40 cm wide, 9 cm deep) is easy to knit, guided by step-by-step instructions. With continuous use, you will spend 5 hours of your time. You will need:

  • 1 skein of cotton thick yarn of pastel shade;
  • a bit of the same white yarn;
  • hook number 5.

Beach knitted bag of actual square shape with soft semicircular handles looks elegant, sophisticated. The embossed canvas of the accessory gives romance. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Start from the bottom. Tie a chain of 49 air loops (VP). Without turning the knitting, insert the hook into the second right loop, knit the single crochet (RLS). Turn over knitting, make an air loop for lifting to 2 rows, again knit RLS. In total, make 10 such rows for the foundation.
  2. Continue to make the bulk of the bag. Tie the thread to the corner of the warp, make 1 VP for lifting. Knit a row of RLS, tied to the base for the back wall of the loops of the last row. Turn around. Tie 2 VP for lifting, alternate 1 PRS and 1 VP to the end of the row. Count the number of loops in a row, there should be 48, turn over knitting. Start the third row with 2 VP for lifting, alternate SBP and VP again. Knit columns under the arches of the air loops of the lower row. Also knit another 17 rows. Change the thread to white, knit another 5 rows with the same pattern. Change the thread again, make 4 rows. Turn over.
  3. We proceed to knitting the pens. In the 30th row, make a lifting VP, knit RLS on 1/3 of the fabric, make a chain of 28 VP over the next third fabric, repeat the same thing on the last third. Knit 2 rows, in sections with air loops do RLS, and on the rest continue the pattern.
  4. Similarly, tie the second wide half.
  5. Proceed to the narrow part of the bag for a beach holiday. Tie the thread to the corner of the warp, make 1 loop of lifting. Knit RLS, tied to the base for the rear walls of the loops of the last row. A total of 10 columns. Turn over. Knit a familiar pattern to the height of the big side. Keep track of the number of loops.
  6. Similarly, tie 2 narrow side.
  7. It's time to put the parts together. Connect the 2 sides, tie the thread, make RLS along the edge, introducing the hook through 2 canvases. Connect all the edges in one way.

From jeans

Making an awesome new bag for a beach holiday from old things is simple, even inexperienced craftswomen can handle this. To work, you must have the following materials:

  • old jeans;
  • lining fabric;
  • ribbons, sequins, beads for decoration.

The thing consists of 2 parts 49 × 40 in size, parts for the base and sidewalls 90 cm long, 9 cm wide and handles 85 cm long and 4 cm wide. You can experiment with pens. A convenient option is the combination of 2 short pens with one long. You will definitely need an additional strip 60 cm long, 3 cm wide, this is the upper part for sewing on a snake. The execution scheme is simple:

  1. Stitch the zipper to the details of the top. Sew them to the front, back of the item.
  2. Fold the fabric for pens in half, iron, sew on. Connect the finished handle to the front and back.
  3. From the fabric for the lining, make the same details as from the jeans. Sew parts of the lining, connect with the outside of the thing.
  4. Use jewelry to your taste. Make an exclusive applique or simply embroider the bag in a chaotic manner. If the straps for the belt were at the top of the decorated bag, then you can tie an elegant ribbon there.


You can buy a beach bag in many real and online stores with delivery to any region. The cost will depend on the materials used and the popularity of the manufacturer. It is convenient to buy such accessories in online stores. In large cities, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, you can pick up the order yourself at the pick-up point. If you decide to order the goods in another region, then it will be sent by mail.


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