Beautiful hairstyles for girls school in 5 minutes

The era of schoolgirls in the same form with the same two pigtails has long passed. Modern students look stylish and attractive. The rules of school etiquette make adjustments to the appearance of children, so when choosing hairstyles, parents take into account a number of requirements. If the mother of a young lady or an adult teenage girl carefully understands this issue, then the schoolgirl will look amazing every day.

Beautiful and light hairstyles for school

At the legislative level, it was established that students of an educational institution should come to classes in business-style clothing. There are no general state requirements for hairstyles, but the school accepts its own charter. Common rules regarding the appearance of hair:

  • long hair should be braided, of medium length - tied with hairpins;
  • extravagant haircuts, hairstyles are prohibited;
  • You can not be painted in bright, unnatural shades.

Parents understand that the hairstyle for the school should not only be beautiful and fashionable, but also convenient, safe, comfortable. Sensible mothers and grandmothers do not leave the girl’s hair loose, do not pull it into a tail that is too tall. Women make hairstyles for their daughters at school, which at the end of the day look neat, do not get into the eyes and arms while writing.

The students themselves want the hairstyle to be fashionable. All kinds of braids are popular among girls: French (dragon), plaits, tails. By learning two or three weaving techniques, you can create dozens of different hairstyles. Stock up on thin elastic bands, hairpins, beautiful hairpins and bows, and your daughter will look irresistible at school (and not only!).

How to make a beautiful hairstyle to school

Creating order on the child’s head, do not use styling tools. Hairpins, clips, hairpins will replace them. Choose the size of these products depending on the thickness of the hair. Get small clips and invisibility to pin the knocked strands. To create additional volume, meshes and rollers are useful. Buy some rubber bands. You will need another thin scallop on a sharp handle and a massage comb.

On long hair

The hardest thing is for owners of long thick hair. They need to not only be combed, but also put together in a beautiful hairstyle. Easy and quick option for school - one French braid. Weaving technique:

  1. Take a wide lock at the base of the forehead, divide it into 3 parts.
  2. Move the right strand under the center. The middle beam will be on the right side, and the right one in the center.
  3. Move the left strand under the central one, swapping them.
  4. Attach a thin bundle of loose hair to the right strand and move it to the center. Do the same with the left side.
  5. Repeat the steps for crossing the strands, picking up loose hair. When you spin 4-5 cm, at the very beginning, slightly extend the side parts of the weave so that they increase.
  6. Interlock the braid to the base of the neck, extend the side parts.
  7. Then you can spin the braid to the end of the hair or form a ponytail and wind the strands.

All kinds of horse tails are beautiful and easy to create. Make a regular ponytail on a thin elastic band. Wrap the strand around the base and secure it with a clip. It looks beautiful if you wrap an elastic band with a thin pigtail. A harder, but more interesting hairstyle to the school of ponytails called "flashlights". Technique of creation:

  1. Gather the upper part of the head of hair, secure with a thin rubber band.
  2. Separate 2 strands above the ears, fix them with an elastic band along with the existing tail.
  3. Turn the same actions with locks at the level of the ears and at the base of the neck.
  4. Grab the free end of the tail with an elastic band.
  5. To "flashlights" were voluminous, pull the resulting bundles to the sides.

On medium hair

Fast and beautiful hairstyles for school will take 5-10 minutes, and the girl will look attractive and modern. All kinds of bunches are popular among students. For medium length hair, do this hairstyle:

  1. Tie a high tail.
  2. Throw the tail forward and comb it at the base.
  3. In the same position with invisibles, fasten the strands at the base of the tail to the crown.
  4. Throw your hair back, comb the tail from above to make it smooth.
  5. Twist the tail into the roller and attach it with invisible to the head in the back of the head.
  6. Gently stretch the beam to the sides.
  7. Attach the side edges with hairpins to the hair.
  8. Decorate the bun with a hairpin or comb.

Beautiful hairstyles for girls to school are easy to create on medium hair. Inverted tail you will do in 5 minutes. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Tie the tail at the back of the head and pull it with a thin rubber band (not tight).
  2. Divide the hair in the middle above the elastic.
  3. Pull the tail into the hole obtained from the bottom up.

Everyday hairstyles that are done in a short time are many. If you are in a hurry in the morning, try twisting two gulki or two bundles. These beautiful hairstyles for school are created as follows:

  1. Make a straight part in the middle.
  2. Tie high or low tails on the sides.
  3. Twist each tail into a tight tourniquet.
  4. Wrap the tourniquet around the elastic.
  5. Fasten the structure with hairpins and decorate with hairpins (or leave it in its natural form).
  6. If you want to make bunches, do not tie the hair with an elastic band and add to the bundles of volume. Pull a few strands around your face to make your hair look bigger.

The following weaving is suitable for first graders and teenage girls. Daily hairstyle will be one of your favorite:

  1. Make a straight part in the center.
  2. Braid two free little dragons. Fix the ends with thin rubber bands.
  3. Cross the loose pigtails and lay them on the back of your head in a beautiful basket. Fasten the structure with studs and invisible.
  4. Decorate the weave with a bow, hairpins with pebbles or a hairpin.

On short hair

The next hairstyle for the school can even be done at the graduation - Greek weaving is appropriate for celebration and for lessons. Styling looks great on curly hair, but girls with straight strands will also do. Stages of creation:

  1. Comb your hair, put an elastic band over your head. If there is no special tape, take thin locks on the sides, twist them into flagella and fasten with a thin elastic band in the center.
  2. Scroll freely over the hanging strand at the temple to form a cord.
  3. Wrap it around a dressing or previously made flagella as long as the length allows.
  4. So do with all the strands.
  5. Free ends fix invisible.

Beautiful hairstyles for school are obtained on short hair. So that the strands do not climb into the face, they need to be beautifully braided. A simple version of a hairstyle for a girl with a bob haircut:

  1. Make a side part.
  2. From the side where there is more hair, grab a wide strand and divide it into 3 parts.
  3. Braid the free dragon.
  4. When the length is not enough to continue the braid, secure the strand with a small crab hairpin.

Beautiful pigtails to school

If you have mastered the technique of weaving a regular and voluminous French braid, spikelet (braids of 2 strands), then any beautiful hairstyles for the school will be within your power. They will dilute the strict "office" image, make the girl tender, romantic. School weaving options:

  • 1 French braid in the center, 2 on the sides;
  • basket;
  • inverted scythe with a beam on the top of the head;
  • waterfall;
  • asymmetric braids;
  • zigzag weaving;
  • fish tail.

A variety of beautiful hairstyles is limited only by imagination. If your daughter of primary school age has short hair, make her such a braid:

  1. In the center of the head, separate part of the hair from the forehead to the back of the head.
  2. Hair on the sides with hairpins, so as not to interfere.
  3. On the central part of the head, braid a small French braid, tie it with an elastic band at the back of the head.
  4. Remove hairpins, fluff loose hanging locks. Of them, you can make curls with an iron or curling iron.

The openwork braid looks very beautiful. If you decorate the weaving with a bow, diadem or hairpins, the appearance will be festive. A beautiful hairstyle to school is done like this:

  1. Tie a high tail.
  2. At the base, separate a small strand from which you want to weave an ordinary braid.
  3. When throwing to the center of the right or left side strand, add some hair from the tail to them.
  4. Finish the braid to the end, tie it with an elastic band.
  5. At the base of the tail, grab a tuft of hair in the center of the braid and pull it up. The weave will become voluminous.
  6. Invisible fasten the strand that was pulled over the tail.
  7. Wrap the end of the braid inward, secure with hairpins.

Beautiful hairstyles for school for teens

High school students strive for self-expression, so they create hairstyles in different, sometimes extravagant ways. Often they ignore the strict rules of the school, but parents must monitor the appearance of their daughter. The hairstyle of the waterfall (braid with flowing curls) looks original:

  1. Divide your hair into a straight or oblique part.
  2. At the temple, grab a thin strand, divide into 3 parts.
  3. Make 2 weaves. On the third, do not weave the upper strand into the braid, but leave it free.
  4. To continue the braid, take a strand from below, from under the weave.
  5. Do this until you reach the middle of the head. Secure the braid with an elastic band.
  6. Start weaving from the other side to the center.
  7. Connect the hair, tie it with an elastic band. Wrap the elastic in a strand.
  8. Twist loose hair.

A crown of your own hair? Why not! If a girl of an older school age has long hair and no bangs (although it can become a highlight), try making an interesting braid. Technique for creating a beautiful hairstyle:

  1. A little to the left of the center of the nape, grab the lock, divide into 3 parts.
  2. Weave a French braid around the head counterclockwise.
  3. Tape it to the end, let loose braid next to the French. Secure it with studs in several places.
  4. If you don’t like smooth hairstyles, leave 2 strands in front to frame your face.
  5. The braided overhead braid looks even more interesting and voluminous.

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