Products for the skin of the face and body - essential vitamins and minerals, a diet for youth and elasticity

Often, girls, wanting to prolong their youth and achieve perfect skin condition, resort to various cosmetic procedures, make masks, scrubs, perform massages, cleanses, and other manipulations. All of these methods, although they work, give a superficial effect, but after all, the internal health is responsible for the appearance. To maintain it, you need proper nutrition, full of nutrients.

Vitamins and minerals for healthy and firm skin

Without proper nutrition, all creams, masks, scrubs will be powerless (although they have certain benefits), so you need a healthy, balanced diet. Keep in mind that most of all the dermis needs such micro and macro elements:

  • antioxidants - can be found in spinach, strawberries, rosehips, watermelon, apples, tomato, green tea;
  • nicotinic acid - found in strawberries, cereals;
  • beta-carotene - found in sweet peppers, cherries, cherries, tomatoes, plums;
  • carotenoids - can be found in most plants, a huge amount in green leaves;
  • vitamins - meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables contain different groups of these useful substances;
  • selenium - protective properties from ultraviolet radiation due to this element can be obtained by including mushrooms, cereals, poultry in the diet;
  • phosphorus - the main source of this substance is fish and seafood;
  • proteins - found in meat, fish, nuts, milk, eggs;
  • fatty acids - found in flax seeds, nuts, vegetable oils, seafood;
  • iron - apples, cabbage, chicken, watermelons, buckwheat, mango, seafood, pomegranate are rich in this substance (if you do not like its taste, make pomegranate scrub);
  • Zinc - can be found in live yoghurts, kefir, pears, apples, watermelons.

What foods are good for the skin

Nutrition to improve facial skin should include only natural products. So, even sweet tooth can take care of their health without changing their habits if they replace cakes and pastries with dark chocolate. However, the basis of the diet should be vegetables and fruits, a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, a variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This can be achieved by eating all food groups.

Include meat in the diet (fans of vegetarianism can replace it with other protein dishes), fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, milk. Also, do not forget to drink plenty of clean still water. It helps to restore the body at the cellular level, remove toxins and other harmful substances, accelerates metabolic processes, but its excess causes swelling, so remember that everything should be in moderation.

For external use

The harmonious use of products externally will help to achieve an amazing visual result on the dermis. The following substances are most useful, each of which can be purchased at a pharmacy:

  • Coconut oil. Contains a storehouse of beneficial ingredients, including hyaluronic acid. Moisturizes deeply, soaking in the lower layers of the epidermis, helps fight peeling, stretch marks, cracks. In addition, the substance can be used to remove makeup.
  • Sesame oil. Rich in amino acids and vitamins, making it ideal for dermis. It helps to eliminate redness, get rid of dryness, sagging and loss of elasticity. In addition, the product replenishes moisture and deficiency of nutrients in the cells. With regular long-term application of sesame oil on the area around the eyes, you can get rid of small facial wrinkles. The substance has a beneficial effect on children's skin - due to the fact that the product does not cause allergies, it is used at any age to soften tissues.
  • Cacao butter. Recommended for those who have a fading dry dermis. It is a substance with a pleasant aroma that is deeply absorbed into the skin, eliminating wrinkles, stretch marks, cracks, relieving inflammation, and softening irritations. In addition, cocoa butter forms a protective film against ultraviolet radiation and temperature changes. A substance is suitable for applying on the lips, around the eyes, even on the heels.

Diet for face skin

Keep in mind that even healthy skin products should be eaten in moderation too, since an excess of vitamins, minerals and trace elements affects as negatively as a deficiency. In addition, some of them can cause an allergic reaction. Consult your dietitian about making a diet if you have a weak or aggressive immune system. Below is a list of ten categories of food that is good for the health of the epidermis.

  • Fish + seafood (including seaweed). These contain omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, retinol and iodine. Thanks to the former, optimal hydration is maintained, earlier aging is prevented, wrinkles are smoothed out, and oxygen cells are saturated. Zinc, which is found mainly in oily fish and oysters, is responsible for the synthesis of collagen (a substance that makes the dermis so smooth and elastic), accelerating the processes of regeneration and blood circulation. In addition, this substance relieves inflammation, reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, thereby reducing the amount of acne on the face.
  • Citrus. Lemons, oranges and grapefruits are recommended to be eaten not only by cosmetologists, but also by nutritionists. For the epidermis, they are useful in that they stimulate the production of collagen, due to the content of vitamin C. In addition, this substance is a strong antioxidant, therefore it neutralizes the negative effects of the environment. Citrus juices can be used for whitening masks to even out complexion, remove age spots.
  • Vegetable oils. So, olive oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which contribute to the self-hydration of the dermis. Apricot and sea buckthorn are recommended for use against acne or acne. Flaxseed, wheat, coconut is a storehouse of vitamins that rejuvenate the skin and accelerate the healing process.
  • Orange and red fruits and vegetables, green leafy. - They contain a large amount of vitamin A - an antioxidant substance that evens complexion, eliminates inflammation and stimulates the production of melanin, which contributes to even tanning. The lack of beta-carotene is indicated by peeling and small cracks. To absorb the vitamin, eat orange vegetables and fruits (for example, carrots) in conjunction with fats - for example, vegetable oils, cream.
  • Nuts. Contain amino acids, vitamin E (high in hazelnuts and almonds), zinc (found in peanuts), selenium. In order for the dermis to be fresh, moisture was held to the cells, and the complexion was radiant, include different types of nuts in the daily diet.
  • Whole grain cereals. This category has a high fiber content, which is very important for the health of the digestive system, whose condition directly affects the appearance of the skin. In addition, whole grain cereals contain vitamin B, which prevents the appearance of acne or irritation.
  • Dairy products. - They are useful both for oral and external use. Cottage cheese, kefir, live yogurt smooth, brighten complexion, soften and refresh the dermis. In addition, all milk contains cultures of bacteria that can cleanse the microflora of the stomach.
  • Animal meat and liver are the main source of protein. They also contain a lot of iron, the deficiency of which is expressed in the early aging of the skin, loss of its elasticity and tone. The liver also has a lot of healthy vitamin A.
  • Green tea. It acts as a strong antioxidant, reduces wrinkles, refreshes and tones, eliminates the feeling of tightness.
  • Natural dark chocolate. Useful when there are no additives. Such chocolate contains cocoa butter - a source of flavonoids that improve the texture and tone of the skin, prevent dehydration of cells and provide protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation.

What you need to eat to make your skin beautiful

When compiling an individual diet, keep in mind that some foods may cause allergies or are contraindicated for health reasons. For example, those with gastritis, ulcers, or other digestive disorders should follow a special diet. In addition, remember that genetics is of great importance - if acne is not uncommon in your family, simply changing the diet will not improve the state of the dermis (which does not negate the fact that a healthy diet is very important).

Diet for oily skin

The main problems of this type of skin are rashes plus too active work of the sebaceous glands. The diet for oily dermis is designed to resolve this imbalance. The problem is that experts still do not have a single answer to the question why some people have excessive sebum secretion. This is influenced not only by nutrition, but stress, genetics, improperly selected cosmetics. Eliminate all possible factors and try to adhere to such tips about the diet:

  • replace whole-grain flour products - they have more fiber and less sugar;
  • eat fruits, vegetables rich in antioxidants and vitamin A more often - lettuce, broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, apricots, tangerines, mangoes, papaya;
  • exclude animal fats from the diet, replace them with vegetable oil;
  • regularly eat boiled, baked, grilled or steamed fish - marine and freshwater species contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that reduce the secretion of sebum;
  • drink more water, green tea without sugar;
  • give preference to sour-milk products with low fat content;
  • do not eat ready-made snacks, deep-fried dishes;
  • eat raw food more (as much as possible);
  • eat chicken without skin;
  • exclude fast food from the diet.

Nutrition for dry skin

This type of skin looks great while its owner is young, but the first signs of aging appear on it at an early age - in the form of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and tone. The food consumed should make up for the lack of moisture in the cells, smooth out the dermis, and restore its healthy appearance. For this, coffee, alcohol should be excluded from the diet, get enough sleep and more often do nutritious masks. Recommendations regarding the preparation of an individual diet:

  • drink more fluids;
  • eat food containing vitamins A, E, B - milk, cottage cheese, kefir, natural yogurts, green vegetables, carrots, apricots, pumpkin, avocado, melon;
  • to prevent dryness, include eggs, asparagus, garlic and onions in the diet - they contain sulfur, which perfectly retains moisture in the cells;
  • consume inwardly and outwardly olive, linseed oil;
  • dry thin skin need biochemical alpha acids - they are found in grapes, currants, tomatoes, apples, natural yogurt, sugar beets, cane sugar.

For skin firmness

Health, youth and elasticity of the dermis provides several categories of products. The first includes plain purified water. For a beautiful dermis, it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters daily. Such an amount will ensure the normal course of the body's metabolic processes, the removal of toxins, toxins. Other useful products for facial skin and its elasticity, as well as protection against oxidative processes, include:

  • eggplant, garden greens, legumes, yeast, cereal bread, liver - contain a large amount of B vitamins;
  • green tea - rich in polyphenols, as well as lingonberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, beans, artichokes;
  • vegetable oil, fish, eggs, seeds, peanuts - sources of vitamins D, K, F, responsible for elasticity;
  • olive oil - moisturizes, saturates with vitamin E;
  • nuts, flax seeds, sea delicacies - rejuvenate due to the content of unsaturated organic acids;
  • lemons, oranges, grapefruits, lime, kiwi, potatoes, currants, cranberries, spinach - a storehouse of vitamin C, stimulating the production of collagen.

Anti-aging diet and diet rules

Read the list of products that contribute to premature aging of the body in advance. If you do not exclude this food from the diet, preserving the youth of the skin will not work:

  • canned food;
  • semi-finished products;
  • too salty and spicy food.

From such food wrinkles, edema appear, tone, elasticity is lost. Restoring the health of the skin is real - with the regular use of raw vegetables, fruits, bran, cereals. In addition, diversify the diet:

  • green tea with honey - a powerful antioxidant that removes free radicals from the body, neutralizing the negative effects of the environment;
  • bell peppers, broccoli, olives, carrots, green salad;
  • fatty fish;
  • nuts, seeds, vegetable oils;
  • fresh, pickled vegetables containing ascorbic acid;
  • liver, milk, nuts, brewer's yeast - sources of biotin;
  • boiled chicken, turkey - to make up for the lack of protein (especially enzymes).

Maintaining water-salt balance and skin hydration

The face only shines with beauty when it is moisturized - that is why it looks so good after water procedures. Include these skin products in your diet to achieve this effect not only after a shower:

  • olives;
  • natural yogurts - without sugar, but those who like sweets are allowed to mix the product with raisins, dried apricots or pulp of berries;
  • honey;
  • dill, parsley;
  • berries - the main source of anthocyanin, which protects against ultraviolet radiation;
  • vitamin complexes (ampoules or tablets).

Exclude recommended alcohol and coffee. They literally "suck out" moisture from the cells, and also negatively affect the nervous system. Replace coffee with green tea, chicory, cocoa or herbal decoctions (chamomile, which has antibacterial properties, soothing mint, lemon balm). Drink alcohol in minimal quantities, and only when you are sure that it is good - the wines of proven manufacturers or homemade.

Antioxidant Products

This category has already been mentioned above. Antioxidants are extremely beneficial for the body because they remove free radicals and protect cell membranes from destruction. These properties have:

  • green tea;
  • red or orange vegetables;
  • fruits, berries (currants, strawberries, kiwi);
  • fish - promotes regeneration processes, smoothes wrinkles;
  • cottage cheese - in addition, it is a source of selenium, vitamin E, calcium;
  • Beans and cereals - cleanse the body of toxins, toxins.

What to eat to quickly and beautifully sunbathe

Some products stimulate the production of melanin - a substance that directly affects the color of the skin. So, it helps to quickly get an even tan. This is facilitated by:

  • amino acids - tryptophan, tyrosine;
  • provitamin;
  • selenium;
  • lycopene;
  • vitamin E.

You can find the right substances in carrots, apricots, grapes, peaches, seafood, melon, watermelon (ideal for summer), tomatoes, meat and liver. By themselves, these products do not cause tanning, but strengthen and strengthen, making it more beautiful. In addition, a glass of carrot juice will protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, dryness. The opposite effect is tea, coffee, chocolate products, fatty, smoked dishes.

Products harmful to the skin

There are a number of products that harm the integument, regardless of type. You can use them, but very little and as little as possible. Full list from this category:

  • Sweet and baked goods.Not all confectionery products are harmful - honey and natural chocolate, for example, belong to healthy foods, but cakes, sweets, cookies are best excluded. In addition, baking is also not useful. Calorie content is not the only problem of such food, since it also causes rashes on the face and body, hormonal disruptions.
  • Canned foods. Not only purchased products with an abundance of E in the composition are harmful, but also home-made products with an abundance of vinegar, spices and spices. Canned food can be genetically modified, thereby adversely affecting health, and self-made can negatively affect the hormonal system.
  • Fast food. High-calorie foods that make the dermis look tired and age prematurely.
  • Carbonated sweet drinks. They include dyes, E-shki plus a whole bunch of components that are dangerous not only for the epidermis, but for the body as a whole.
  • Semi-finished products. They contain a large number of harmful additives, so their regular use negatively affects the condition of the skin.
  • Smoked products and meat products. Sausages, sausages, ham are so delicious because they are full of salt, spices, stabilizers and artificial flavors, which are called “nitrate”, “benzoate”, etc. among the components. There is nothing natural in these substances, because smoked foods are harmful to health.
  • Snacks, ready snacks. Contain trans fats. Finally, conclude a contract with yourself to prefer healthy snacks to chips.
  • Alcohol, coffee, energy drinks. Dry the integument, and also cause signs of early aging.

Some substances are harmful even if they are not taken orally. Therefore, carefully read the composition of cosmetics that you buy. Ideally, they should not have such components:

  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • parabens;
  • mineral oil;
  • propylene glycol.

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