What is bryl on the face

Due to the weakening of skin tone and the accumulation of fatty tissue in the middle of the face, the tissues sag. So there are bryl, which violate the shape of the natural oval of the face. This unpleasant problem visually makes the lower part of the face heavier, adds age. The appearance of swollen cheeks is more often experienced by women after 40 years of age due to a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin in their body. The skin loses its elasticity, sagging, but you can fight it yourself or in the salon with a cosmetologist. Find out what rumbled and how to deal with it.

Why do bryly appear

On the person’s face, adipose tissue is unevenly distributed - it accumulates in the cheeks and cheekbones. If a woman is thin, then with the loss of building proteins (collagen and elastin), the skin sags, and if it is full, adipose tissue grows, forming bryn. Other causes of their occurrence are:

  1. Individual features of the structure of the face - a heavy lower jaw leads to the formation of "bulldog cheeks".
  2. Excess weight - leads to the accumulation of excess fat, which negatively affects the shape of the face.
  3. Change in skin tone - under the influence of gravity, it tends to down, breaking the oval.
  4. Changing the position of bones and joints of the facial part of the skull due to injuries or surgeries.
  5. Compression of the lymphatic and venous vessels - leads to circulatory disorders, edema.
  6. Damage to the connective tissues, the formation of adhesions - they grow together again, forming "flows".
  7. The formation of lumps of Bisha - fat formations under the cheekbone. Their removal makes the features more refined.

Age changes

With the aging process, age-related changes related to the condition of the skin amid a decrease in the amount of elastin and collagen, hormonal changes are becoming more and more obvious. After 35 years, early signs begin to appear - sagging neck, prolapse of soft tissues, deepening of the nasolabial fold. The skin is pigmented, ptosis (drooping) is minimally visible on it. After 45 years, the signs of aging become moderate - this is the appearance of platysm (the edges of the descending cervical muscle), clear bruises, noticeable folds in the corners of the mouth.

After 55 years, aging is more pronounced. The soft tissues of the neck are flabby, the platy becomes low sagging edges, excess fat appears on the neck. Drills are noticeable from any angle, the folds of the nasolabial region and deeply cut into the corners of the mouth, lower. Significant ptosis and volume loss are noticeable on the cheekbones. Elasticity is lost, expressed pigmentation is acquired.

Factors contributing to sagging skin on the cheeks

“Bulldog cheeks” cause a lot of trouble for women - due to them, age visually increases, self-esteem worsens. You can’t disguise drift with cosmetics. Often, women themselves are to blame for premature sagging skin. There are several reasons for their appearance:

  1. Obesity - overweight does not color anyone, moreover, fat accumulates on the cheeks, and under its weight the muscle frame sags. It will not be possible to get rid of the appearing brillia simply by losing weight, you need to go in for sports and revise nutrition.
  2. Neglect of age - after 25 years, collagen ceases to be produced, so you need to start caring for your skin, make masks, visit a cosmetologist, and use special creams.
  3. Neglect of sports or, conversely, excessive enthusiasm for physical education - both factors lead to weight gain or dramatic weight loss of the face, so that the shots become more noticeable.

How to remove bryl at home

From the age of 14, you need to look after your face to reduce the likelihood of manifestation of age-related manifestations. If the skin condition is neglected, cosmetic procedures will come to the rescue. The ways to get rid of brylya at home include:

  • skin care system: cleansing, toning, nutrition, hydration, lifting (creams);
  • masks - alginate or ordinary masks can significantly tighten muscle tone, make the drifts not so noticeable;
  • massage - the correct technique for performing movements will help to remove sagging.

Masks for lifting saggy cheeks

At the initial stage of the occurrence of bryly, you can remove or smooth out their manifestations using masks. They should include lifting components - this is vitamin A, PP, C, E, F, H, B5, B6. Vegetable oil, egg white, seaweed, green tea, cocoa bean products (antioxidants) are distinguished from products useful for the face. If purchased or home-made masks contain these ingredients, the effect on the appearance will be immediately noticeable.

With tar soap

The use of homemade masks should begin with an allergy test - apply a small amount of the mixture on the elbow bend and leave for 10-15 minutes. If irritation does not occur, apply to face. A mask based on tar soap tightens the skin. To prepare, grate 25 g of soap on a grater, mix with a tablespoon of sour cream, whisk until foam appears. Apply the mixture on the face and neck, wait for drying and rinse with water. Then use a nourishing cream. Repeat lifting procedure twice a week.

With honey and lemon

Take a tablespoon of unsweetened liquid natural honey, combine with 30 g of grated lemon peel and 15 g of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Honey moisturizes well, and lemon juice accelerates the renewal of epidermal cells. Stir and apply on the face, rinse after 15 minutes, use a nourishing cream. It is better to make such a mask in the evening, because in the morning there will be a danger of increased sensitivity to the sun. Contraindication of use is dry skin.

Egg curd

Beat one fresh chicken egg until a firm foam, mix with 15 g of fat cottage cheese and 15 ml of olive oil. Apply to the lower part of the face, jaw and neck, hold for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and use a lifting cream. Repeat the procedure once every two days until the bryl is eliminated. The mask is universal, suitable for women with any type of skin and all ages. The egg serves as a natural source of collagen, and cottage cheese nourishes with vitamins E, PP, A and C.

Alginate masks

At home or in the cabin, alginate masks can be made. They are available ready to use in the form of a gel or powder, which must be mixed to form a uniform plastic mass. All alginate masks contain seaweed extracts, which are famous for their tightening effect. The regular use of such products restores firmness and elasticity, prevents deformation and the formation of hanging brylya.

Apply gel-like masks in a supine position - first cleanse your face, apply serum and lubricate your lips, eyebrows and eyelids with a thick fat cream. Mix the mask with water or herbal infusion or use the finished one, apply with a spatula (flat spatula) on the face, including eyes and lips. Wait until the mask hardens (15-20 minutes), remove it with a single layer. Masks may include lecithin, marine plankton, allantoin, panthenol. The main guarantee of success is regularity of use. Popular alginate masks are brand products:

  • Agrimer Algues Marines - powder masks from France, which have different effects, from bleaching to pulling up;
  • TÊTе Cosmeceutical - Swiss products containing vitamins, minerals and algae, in the range of masks for any problem;
  • Skin System - Italian masks, available in ready-made form, suitable for home use;
  • La Prefere - the brand produces a whole set of masks from 12 pieces for home use, it includes hyaluronic acid, almond oil, marine collagen and black caviar extracts;
  • Janssen Dead Sea Black Mask - a German brand that produces masks based on mud and salts of the Dead Sea, a course of six masks once a week will restore elasticity;
  • AQUA BALANCE - Russian plasticizing masks Alganika containing hyaluronic acid and high-quality clay, fill wrinkles from the inside, restore elasticity.

Bryl gymnastics

To strengthen the elasticity and elasticity of collagen-elastin fibers, improve blood circulation and tighten bryly, it is good to do special gymnastics. It must be performed according to special rules twice a day for 20-30 minutes. Pre-apply a fat cream on the skin, sit in front of the mirror and do a warm-up (each exercise 10 times):

  1. Inflate your cheeks as much as possible, hold your breath for 5 seconds, exhale.
  2. Take in air and roll inside your mouth.
  3. As you exhale, curl your lips into a tube, exhale as if you were blowing out a candle, there would be a vacuum inside.
  4. After that, go to the gymnastics itself, for example, the exercises of Reinhold Benz: pull the lower lip down without moving the corners of the mouth and lower jaw (teeth are closed), linger for ten counts, pressing fingers on each places where wrinkles are formed when pulling the lips. Or press with your index fingers, located 1.5 cm from the corners of the mouth, on the cheeks, continue to smile tightly, relax.

Facebuilding by Carol Maggio

There are no contraindications for performing gymnastics. You can do it at any time and absolutely free. The famous facebuilding coach (face-building) Carol Maggio offers regular exercises (do 20-30 minutes every day):

  1. Open your mouth, roll your lower lip onto your teeth, firmly press the upper lip to your gums. Pull the corners of your mouth inward. Open and close the jaw, with each action raising the chin by 1 cm. Try to tilt your head back, counting to 30, and lower your head.
  2. Open your mouth, smile broadly only with your upper lip, linger for half a minute, relax.

Classic exercises

To strengthen the facial skeleton, special exercises are also suitable, which are based on alternating relaxation and muscle tension, which do not have side effects. Repeat each 8-10 times:

  1. Smile broadly without opening your mouth.
  2. Attach the thumbs to the corners of the lips, press lightly, avoiding pain and bending of the hands.
  3. Lift the corners of the mouth to the cheekbones as much as possible, hold for 10 seconds, repeat three times.
  4. Imagine a ball in your mouth. Slowly roll it from one cheek to another.
  5. Stick your tongue out as far as possible, hold for 15 seconds, keeping the upper part of the face motionless. This will stimulate blood flow and prevent skin fading.

Massage from sagging cheeks

In beauty salons or on your own, you can do massage to strengthen the facial frame, which will help to adjust the clarity of the contours and remove the drums. The procedure is performed with light movements, without pain. An example of the technique:

  1. Move the fingertips from the chin along the lower jaw towards the auricles, pat lightly, then increase the pressure.
  2. Dampen your fingers in warm cosmetic oil or olive oil, perform sliding movements on the lower jaw.
  3. Puff out your cheeks strongly, linger at 5 seconds, try to reach the tip of your nose with your lower lip.
  4. Grip your teeth tightly, feel the tension of your cheeks. Hold position for five seconds, relax. Repeat several times.
  5. Cover your lower lip one by one with a blanket and vice versa. Repeat lip movements 15-20 times each.

Shaving technique

Why do men age more slowly than women? The whole secret is shaving. Performing a daily procedure, men also conduct a hard massage. Based on such observations, a special massage technique was invented. This massage technique is similar to the shaving technique in men, but without a razor. It includes exercises:

  1. Bend your index fingers. With your left hand, fix the skin on the right on the cheek near the chin, with your right hand make short movements upward along the massage lines, simulating shaving.
  2. Do not stretch the skin, make movements moderate. This will help relieve hypertonicity and eliminate sagging cheeks.
  3. Perform pats on the cheek deposits with the back of your hand until the skin is numb. You can use a wet towel for this stage, soaking it in an infusion of green tea or a decoction of herbs. Keep clapping yourself in the face for about two minutes.
  4. Put your fingers on the chin, move the sliding movements towards the earlobes. So that the skin does not stretch, you can drip a little oil on it, gradually the movements should weaken.
  5. Repeat 20-30 seconds on each side to remove muscle hypertonicity, tighten the cheeks and prevent the formation of sagging.

Wet towel massage

To enhance blood circulation in the chin area, it is good to use a damp terry towel. Perform exercises carefully to prevent the formation of hematomas:

  1. Fold the towel into a tourniquet, soak in cool salt water. Slap your neck, chin, cheekbones, and lower jaw before you feel a rush of blood to your skin. Keep repeating for 15 minutes, apply a moisturizer.
  2. Prepare two containers of cold and warm water. Roll the towel into a tourniquet so that the resulting length can completely cover the oval of the face. Dampen a towel in warm water, wrap your cheeks so that the ends are up, and pull them up one by one. Repeat the procedure by wetting the towel in cool water.

How to tighten shots on the face in the cabin

In advanced cases, drifts can be eliminated in beauty salons or plastic surgeon offices using operating and non-surgical methods. The first ones are suitable for excessive amounts of fat, the second - for moderate severity of overweight sagging. The most popular braces for girls and women:

  1. MACS-lifting (facelift) - a lifting technique with the consequences of a minimum scar in front of the auricle. This procedure is performed in the neck and chin area in order to smooth the nasolabial folds and eliminate bryl. The pluses of the method include a minimum rehabilitation period, strong vertical fixation of the tissues that have fallen. Of the minuses, the need for anesthesia is distinguished. The method is applicable for different ages.
  2. Mini facelift or short-scar lift - a method of lifting through the incision in front of the auricle. Advantages: low-traumatic method, short-term rehabilitation, inexpensive. Minus: not suitable for severe sagging neck.
  3. Deep facelift - a method of tightening the deep layers of the skin under the muscular-aponeurotic tissues. The mobilization of tissues allows you to smooth out the nasolabial folds, get rid of brylya. Due to the deep penetration into the tissues, blood flow improves. Plus: suitable for smokers. Less: increased risk of injury.
  4. A lift in the middle third of the face is an isolated lifting that is suitable for those who do not yet need a complete lift. The result of the procedure is the anti-aging effect of the nasolabial triangle, eyes, cheekbones, cheeks. It is performed in the temporal and sublingual ways. The first differs in endoscopic orientation, consists in the diagonal rise of tissues. The second is performed through the incision of the eyelid and raises the tissue up.
  5. Tightening the neck and platysma is a method of removing brylls, sagging neck and second chin, creating a chin-neck angle using liposuction. Advantage: noticeable beautiful lifting effect. Less: expensive for money, as noted by customers.
  6. Laser nanoperforation is the use of a beam that can be divided into microwaves, which act only on the deeper layers of the skin. This starts the regeneration of cells, tightens the skin, eliminates unexpressed brylya. Plus: painlessness, lack of preparation. Cons: there are contraindications, expensive manipulations.

RF lifting (thermolifting)

This procedure is popular at the initial stage of severity. In radio lifting, an electric current of the radio frequency range is used, which restores collagen fibers and the skeleton of the skin, a needle electrode is used. The method of using radio waves is recommended for young women with the first signs of aging. The device emits infrared rays that penetrate the cells and cause them to produce collagen and elastin, due to which the drums are smoothed out. The cost for one procedure is 4000 rubles.

Brylya lifting with threads (bio-reinforcement)

In the first stages of the formation of bryl, you can apply a thread lift or bio-reinforcement. The correction uses absorbable or non-absorbable bion threads, which extend under the skin in the form of a loop from the chin folds to the area behind the ears. In the process, a filamentous subcutaneous framework is created, a rejuvenation process occurs, which the doctor designated. The effect is noticeable throughout the year. The cost of one thread from 9000 rubles (for the procedure you need 1-2).

Hyaluronic Acid Filler Injections

Popular non-surgical methods for removing bruille include filler injections based on hyaluronic or polylactic acid. Advantages of the method: no trauma, quick and lasting result. Cons: soreness, long recovery. During the procedure, local anesthesia (Eml cream) is used. A diamond-shaped grid is drawn on the face, along the lines of which drugs are injected from the syringe. The effect lasts up to a year. The cost of 1 ml of the drug - from 20,000 rubles - you need 1-3 ml.


Another non-surgical technique against brillas is biorevitalization. This is an injection technique that involves injecting hyaluronic acid (a natural moisturizer) under the skin. As a result, the structure of the skin improves, a clear contour of the face is restored, which lasts for a year. For an effective result, you will need 3-5 procedures lasting 25-40 minutes at a cost of 4000 rubles each.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is used to directly affect skin cells along the lymphatic line. It helps eliminate puffiness and excess fat on the cheeks and chin, which cause brylls. During the procedure, the specialist performs massage movements along the lymph current, eliminating excess fluid from the intercellular space. To remove sagging cheeks you will need 3-5 procedures from 2000 rubles per session.

Endoscopic facelift

Women 30-50 years old are shown to conduct endoscopic facelift for tightening brylya. Unlike a circular tightening, this procedure leaves no scars or cuts. For this, a pair of punctures are made, into which a special endoscope device is inserted. At its end there is a small chamber through which the surgeon controls his actions. The procedure is less traumatic, safe, and is indicated for patients with no excess skin.

During the operation, incisions up to 2 cm in diameter are made in the area of ​​the scalp and in front of the auricle, through which the doctor separates the inner layer of the skin from the upper jaw, forming a chin fold and tightening the subperiosteal tissues. Result: anti-aging effect, lasting up to two years. The advantage is a short rehabilitation period. The cost of the operation is 200,000 rubles.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting

The most famous facial plastics technique in the world is considered to be an expanded cervical-facial lift (SMAS). This effect on the complex of muscle-aponeurotic tissues, which is most susceptible to aging and gravitational omission. These tissues are involved in facial expressions. During the tightening, the doctor makes incisions in front and behind the auricle with access to the scalp, the tissues mobilize and fix in a new position. The operation is accompanied by a long rehabilitation period, but its effect lasts up to 5 years. Cost - 55 thousand rubles.

Removing lumps of Bisha

Between the buccal, chewing and zygomatic muscles are encapsulated fat bodies - Bisha lumps. They are needed by a person for chewing and sucking, protecting facial muscles and nerves from injuries. Lumps of Bish are prone to ptosis, affect the formation of bryl, so their excision and removal eliminates the problem. Result: the face becomes youthful, the cheeks become sunken, the effect lasts until the end of life. Minus - the contour of the face can sag. The operation is performed through the mouth, an incision is made in the mucous membrane, the fat bodies are removed. The cost of the procedure is about 48,000 rubles.


Marina, 49 years old With age, I began to notice that I had bruises on my face. At first they were invisible, but soon became very pronounced. I used lifting creams and masks, but they did not help much. Then I went through the biorevitalization procedure and was delighted with the reflection in the mirror. The procedure not only smoothed out the severity of the problem, but also made the skin denser.
Anastasia, 36 years old. My face began to age early, so nasolabial folds began to form, and my cheeks sagged. I immediately started the battle with the problem, because I did not want to get to the operation. A massage from brylya on my face helped me - I went to the salon once a week, where they did lymphatic drainage. At home, I did special exercises every day. The drooping cheeks disappeared.
Ekaterina, 55 years old I have always been overweight, but if in youth it was not so noticeable, then with age it began to affect my face. My plump cheeks turned into "bulldogs", which did not please me at all. The beautician said that her procedures were ineffective and advised her to do a facelift. I am shown endoscopic facelift, I’ll go for surgery soon.

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