Pillow for pregnant women - terms of use and prices

Pregnancy is a wonderful period when a woman takes on a rounded shape, bearing a new life under her heart. This is a difficult process, because women expecting a baby need the most comfortable, quality sleep at night. A growing tummy often causes discomfort, making it difficult to find a comfortable position. Here special pillows come to the rescue, and the main question is how to choose a pillow for pregnant women.

Maternity Pillow Shapes

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of pillows for pregnant women, which differ in shape, material used for the "pillowcase", filler, as well as in price and manufacturer. Arriving at the store, future mothers are lost, what form of product to choose? Let's look at the advantages, disadvantages of species, determine which form is best for pregnant women and how to choose the best product.


"Bagel" allows you to comfortably get a pregnant woman, clasping, supporting the whole body. On such a pillow it is convenient to sleep at night, read your favorite book or watch a series. With her, any woman in position will feel as comfortable as possible, because the product will support the lower back, stomach, head. What this kind of option looks like, you can look at the photo below.


Pillow for pregnant women in the form of the letter "U" is in high demand. You are going to buy it not for yourself, but as a gift to a girl you know, and the question of how to choose is haunting you. Feel free to choose a product of this shape - you will not lose.

This is a great option because it perfectly supports a growing stomach, spine, back, tired of stress. Turning over at night (or during a day's rest), the pillow does not need to be shifted from one side to the other, it completely surrounds you. The product may come in handy later on, for example, for feeding your baby.

During the day, you can also use the accessory, applying it on the couch while watching TV, talking with girlfriends or surfing the Internet.

The disadvantage of this model is the large size and bulk. It is hardly suitable for a small bed. Think about it before you choose it.


This model has some similarities with a pillow made in the form of a “bagel”. It is considered very convenient, popular, although it has appeared on sale recently. This accessory is used, you can relieve stress, fatigue, take a break from a long walk.


Such a pillow has a clear advantage - it does not take up much space, but its drawback is the constant shifting of the product when turning from one side to another. It looks simple - like a long roller with a rounded tail.


A simple option, which is a long roller. It will help you relax, taking a comfortable position while relaxing. Does not take up much space.


Choosing clothes, accessories for the expectant mother (as well as the baby) is made from natural, hypoallergenic materials, abandoning synthetics and husks. Filler is no exception. How to choose a filler? First of all, check the certificate of quality of the goods that you must provide in the store, take an interest in the composition of the filler and the fabric. As a rule, hollofiber or expanded polystyrene is used, synthetic winterizer is less often used.

The advantages of these fillers:

  • resistant to moisture, odor absorption;
  • not susceptible to the formation of microorganisms and mold;
  • do not cause allergies;
  • machine washable;
  • keep their shape, regardless of folding options.


Hollofiber - small hollow fibers that combine under the influence of high temperatures. The advantages of a pillow with holofiber balls are easy care for it, the possibility of washing at home, as well as the fact that it will last a long time.

Expanded polystyrene

Expanded polystyrene - small balls with a diameter of up to 1 mm. Absolutely safe filler, it is not threatened by mold, ticks, other small microorganisms. The accessory for the future mother, filled with this material, does not spring and takes on the contours of the body, making it possible to get comfortable.


The sizes of products in most cases depend on the type of pillow. Here are the main dimensions:

  • “Bagel” - dimensions are 300 × 35 cm;
  • U-shaped - 340 × 35 and 280 × 35 cm;
  • G-like - 300 × 35 cm;
  • L-like - the length is usually 230 cm;
  • in the form of "I" - depending on the growth of the expectant mother, it can be 190 × 30 or 170 × 30 cm.

Covers Material

The best option for a cover is natural cotton - it is pleasant to the body, does not cause an allergic reaction and is hygienic. You can choose a cover from calico or satin - but you should carefully look at the density of the fabric so that it does not pass litter and dust to the "base" of the pillow. Please note that you should not slip on such a pillow.

How to choose the color of pillows for pregnant women? It all depends on the preferences, taste of the future mother. But it is not recommended to take too bright or defiant - it is better to choose something that is most suitable for a bed set.

It is worth paying attention to the clasp that closes the cover - it can be a zipper or Velcro.


The price of accessories also depends on the form and manufacturer. So, the U-shaped and the product in the form of a “Bagel” cost around 3000 rubles; the average cost are products in the form of the letter G; economy options are considered forms "G" and "I".

Affordable pricing for such products was set by Theraline, Red Castle, Fest, BioSon, and Mothercare and Farla products will cost you a little more.

To save a little, try to make such a pillow at home yourself, using the video:

pillow for feeding

How to use

- Theraline Maternity Pillow

Who else fits pregnant pillows

Pillows for pregnant women are universal accessories that can come in handy and help women in position, as well as other family members. This pillow is perfect for people who like to sleep in an embrace with a pillow or blanket. The accessory will help relieve tension from the back of a man who worked all day for the benefit of the family. Such a pillow will be irreplaceable for children, especially for small ones who are just starting to sit. Or for older children, as entertainment.

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