Shopping for bitcoins in Russia and abroad

The decentralized nature of virtual currencies transforms the sphere of trade, ensuring the simplicity of transactions, the speed and anonymity of international settlements. Weak legal support in most countries of the world and the fact that technology is at the initial stage of development almost does not interfere with the rapidly growing popularity and value of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

What can I buy for bitcoins in Russia

If you decide to invest 20 thousand in virtual currency, later sold them for 40 thousand, then you will have to pay tax from 40 thousand; if the value of bitcoins purchased for 40 thousand has fallen, you sell them for 20 thousand, then from these 20 thousand you will have to pay personal income tax. This is because cryptocurrency is neither money nor a claim. This legal uncertainty affects miners - they do not want to advertise methods of earnings, declare income.

Only Japan managed to draw up tax legislation regarding the work with cryptocurrencies. According to the authoritative opinion of Yahoo Finance, the role of cryptocurrencies is greatly overestimated. The Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation declared virtual currencies as surrogates and referred to article 27 of the Central Bank law, which prohibits monetary substitutes. At the same time, the Federal Tax Service observes that the concept of a monetary substitute is not specified by Russian legislation. But to make purchases for bitcoins in Russia is already possible.

Legal services

The international company Legal Prime Consulting is an organization that provides a wide range of legal services, including anonymous consultations. The company is located in Moscow. It is very convenient to pay for a lawyer with cryptocurrency - the simplicity and speed of the transaction allows you to get legal assistance almost instantly.

Household appliances and devices

In Russia, bitcoins are hosted by Yulmart, a multi-product online hypermarket. In the assortment of Yulmart stores, positioning itself as a network of household appliances and computer gadgets and headsets for them, there are other categories of goods: clothing, household chemicals, cosmetics. Among foreign hypermarkets, is popular, practicing the sale of office equipment around the world - this is an international online store that delivers goods to the Russian Federation.

Kluch IT Club, a cozy meeting place for many people involved in the high-tech industry, also accepted cryptocurrency. In the club one could chat and have a beer. At the moment, Klyuch has refused to accept cryptocurrencies for payment, having opted for the provision of coworking services for rubles.

Payment of bill in cafes and bars

If you wish, you can pay with virtual currency for food. On the territory of the Russian Federation there are a number of institutions that already accept cryptocurrency for payment:

  1. Restaurant Valenok;
  2. Moscow network of express coffee houses Headquarters;
  3. Rostov-papa restaurant in Rostov-on-Don;
  4. a chain of Moscow fast food restaurants Subway;
  5. a chain of fast food restaurants Burger King;
  6. Chelyabinsk Coffee In coffee shop chain with delicious desserts.

Flights and hotel rooms

Travelers can pay for a flight using the Latvian airline AirBaltic. The tour operator charges a fee of 5.99 euros for paying for the reservation with virtual currency. California programmers have developed a travel service,, which sells airline tickets, accepts cryptocurrency to pay for hotel reservations, and provides car rental services. The service works online.

Luxury Business Taxi Service Wheely

Taxi is an area of ​​entrepreneurship that the state of the Russian Federation has not yet learned to control. The cryptocurrency experiment was successful - Wheely taxi service, which provides a personal driver in a business class car, became its implementation. To pay for services, you need to replenish the balance on the company's website. Wheely operates in several cities.

Classes at the NanoFitness Sports Club

The Russian network of fitness clubs NanoFitness is the first network in the world that enabled its customers to make subscription purchases for bitcoins. The leadership of a sports company decided to suspend the provision of this service until better times, fearing risks to go beyond the borders of the legal field of the Russian Federation.

Bitcoin payment for online purchases

To pay with cryptocurrency, you should install a special program or application on your computer or smartphone (for example, airbitz). The algorithm for the procedure for paying for goods looks like this:

  • You need to create a wallet.
  • Transfer Bitcoins to the created wallet.
  • Get the address or QR code from the seller you are planning to transfer funds to.
  • Open the "send" section in your wallet, fill out all the fields or scan the QR code if you are working with a mobile wallet.
  • Check all payment data, commission, specify the size of the commission, transaction cost.
  • Click the "pay" button.
  • Wait for the network to confirm that the funds have been received - the transaction status will change to "Complete".

The authenticity of information by the system is recognized as follows: a transaction is signed with a public key, so that it is successful, it must be confirmed with a private key. You confirm with the public key that you are the owner of the money, and with the closed key, you manage the wallet. The advantages of the form of payment are simplicity, speed and anonymity. Cons two:

  1. refund conditions - by default transactions cannot be canceled;
  2. relative vulnerability - malware can replace the wallet address.

Large online stores and marketplaces

The main type of product available online for purchase with bitcoins is software. Among the popular purchases for bitcoins there are games, programs, Xbox software, WordPress applications and modules, anti-virus software. Large platforms selling software:

  • AppStore - purchases for Bitcoin software through an online store by Apple product owners;
  • E-bay - an international online auction with worldwide delivery;
  • Amazon - an online store that sells digital content of any type (to make a purchase for bitcoins, you will have to resort to the services of an intermediary - a special service;

While in Russia, you can purchase goods for bitcoins at international supermarkets that deliver to the Russian Federation. These sites are:

  • FashTech - an international electronics store;
  • - a luxury hypermarket that provides premium goods up to luxury real estate;
  • Victoria's Secret - a brand of glamorous lingerie;
  • Microsoft - offers its users to pay for software using bitcoins;
  • Equipment is a sporting goods store with worldwide delivery.

It is worth recalling the services of the adult industry: buying premium status for bitcoins on a dating site (Badoo service), paying for erotic massage in the Rasputin salon (Yekaterinburg). Bitcoins are accepted at the Jetwin online bookmaker, which offers an assortment of sports betting opportunities.

For bitcoins, you can try your luck at the Darknet bitcoin casino, play on the exchange or pay donations. For example, you can donate to the development of Wikipedia. The tradition began with the infamous peer-to-peer network Pirate Bay, which announced in 2013 that it began accepting donations. On the very first day about 10 bitcoins were listed on the site.

Hotel Reservation

An upscale five-star hotel chain, Howard Johnson is ready to accept virtual currency as payment for its rooms. The chain has 400 hotels around the world: in China, America, Canada, Argentina. Hotels provide first-class relaxation. The mediator is - you will need to book rooms through this site.

Buy VPN Service

A specific service is the provision of a VPN service for bitcoins - a software package that allows you to anonymously visit sites that are prohibited from being viewed on the territory of the Russian Federation. So that the user could increase the security of the connection and have anonymity on the network, two large providers - Private Internet Access and NordVPN - focusing on Russian customers, developed software for user needs of this kind.

How to spend bitcoins abroad

Most cryptocurrency transactions are offered to a citizen of the United States and Japan. Abroad, cryptocurrencies turn out to be a much more popular tool for making payments - they have become a real alternative to local currencies. The range of services and goods provided in exchange for bitcoins is much wider than the Russian one.

Payment for education in universities

The first university that provides the opportunity to purchase textbooks for bitcoins, to pay directly for tuition and diplomas, was the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. His example was followed by:

  1. University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Lucerne (Switzerland);
  2. European School of Management and Technology (Germany);
  3. University of Las Americas Puebla (Mexico);
  4. Royal College of New York (USA);
  5. University of Cumbria (UK).

Buying and renting real estate

Happy owners of several hundred can afford to buy more expensive things for bitcoins than pizza or burgers. It will be about renting and acquiring real estate:

  1. In Greece, on the shores of the Aegean, Villa Malyutka is sold for about a million dollars, calculated at the exchange rate - the villa has five bathrooms and a 50-meter pool, along with an olive grove.
  2. Bali mansion with seven bathrooms, several bedrooms and three pools, staff and a cook.
  3. Penthouse in Spain with two Jacuzzis and a huge terrace 200 m long.
  4. Luxurious mansion in Panama.
  5. House in Florida (Miami) with several bedrooms and bathrooms, a garage for four cars, a cellar for wine and a half thousand bottles and a gym.
  6. House in California designed by Guy Dreyer and owned by a golf club with an area of ​​about 10,000 feet.

London Real Estate Agency RE / MAX - a franchise of the global network that provides rental real estate, where they accept bitcoins when paying for services. The company's 16 offices have integrated innovative payment methods for customers, transferring payment processing to GoCoin since 2015.

Gift certificates

You can present an unforgettable souvenir to your loved one by shopping for gift certificates for bitcoins. The users are assisted by the Gyft website, which makes it possible to purchase gift certificates from approximately 200 companies. You can also purchase gift cards from American chain stores and restaurants at

Cryptocurrency Pizza

A man named Laszlo Haniyets turned to users of the forum with a request to buy him a pair of pizzas, offering a reward of 10,000 bitcoins for this. Laszlo went down in history as the most unfortunate buyer of a product for cryptocurrency, and pizza sales for bitcoins acquired a symbolic character. To preserve symbolism, was created, using this resource you can buy pizza with home delivery. The site works with large networks of pizzerias:

  • Pizza Hut;
  • Papa John's;
  • Domino's.


Some jewelry chains accept virtual currency. The US chain of stores, distributing the Reeds Jewelers brand, offers to shop diamond rings for bitcoins. It is noteworthy that the largest copy of the pink emerald - the "Pink Princess" weighing 170 carats - can be purchased by paying with cryptocurrency.

Tesla cars and yachts

The American car manufacturer Tesla is pursuing an innovative line, offering its customers to pay with virtual currency, positioning itself as a progressive market participant. You can pay with cryptocurrency for a luxury yacht with all the characteristics for a dizzying cruise: a gas bottle for 5000 gallons, a water tank for 650, two cabins for VIP guests, a living room, a relaxation room.

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