Onions with honey - a recipe for the preparation of folk remedies for the common cold and cough, use for children and adults

Since ancient times, onions and cough honey have been used for children and adults. The prescription of traditional medicine also helps to cope with a runny nose, sore throat, general weakness of the body against the background of colds. Valuable components of the composition of the drug quickly relieve the symptoms of the disease, are sparing to human health, have minimal contraindications and side effects.

Useful properties of onions and honey

Onion juice with honey additionally saturates the human body with vitamins and minerals, helps strengthen immunity, which helps prevent diseases. Useful properties of onions:

  1. It is rich in volatile - substances that kill or inhibit the growth and vital activity of pathogenic bacteria.
  2. It contains a lot of phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron - this allows the body to carry out various biochemical reactions, strengthen bones, maintain normal water-salt balance and blood formation.
  3. Vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of adrenaline, lowers cholesterol.
  4. Vitamin PP maintains a normal blood glucose level.
  5. B vitamins help the body synthesize proteins.
  6. Onion accelerates metabolic processes, removes excess fluid, helps to reduce weight.
  7. The product reduces the risk of developing cancerous tumors, relieves constipation and improves digestion.
  8. Onions are useful for immunity, used in cosmetology for application to the skin and hair.

Honey is a unique natural product that bees produce. Its useful properties:

  1. Zinc in the composition helps the regeneration of connective tissues, silicon - strengthens bones, promotes elasticity and flexibility of joints, cartilage.
  2. Aluminum stimulates the growth of connective and bone tissues, boron prevents diseases of the spine and joints.
  3. Due to vitamins, enzymes, macrocells and microelements, the beekeeping product normalizes metabolic processes, boosts immunity and maintains blood pressure at the right level.
  4. The product has antibacterial properties, arrests inflammation processes.

Folk recipes

To prepare recipes for cough and runny nose, traditional healers advise taking purple onions, because there is less bitterness in it, and its mixture with honey is not so sharp. It is advisable to take a beekeeping product natural, not subjected to any processing - so it retains all the beneficial properties and strengthens health. There are many recipes for combining these products. Some of them:

  1. Baked cough onions are not so sharp. Bake the onion in the oven for 15-20 minutes (it is better to cut it into slices), so that it becomes soft, wipe until gruel, without waiting for cooling, mix with the same amount of butter and liquid beekeeping bee products. For cough, take a teaspoon of the mixture three times / day after meals.
  2. For children, a mixture with added sugar is suitable. Cut a large onion, pour 150 ml of water, add a tablespoon of sugar and boil over low heat until all the water has evaporated. It will turn out a thick gruel, which should be slightly cooled, mixed with a tablespoon of honey, mixed. Eat a teaspoon / day.

Cough Recipes with Onions and Honey

The cough is a protective mechanism of the body from the harmful effects of microbes and adverse environmental conditions. The causes of its occurrence are allergies, chronic or acute diseases of the ENT organs, smoking, viruses. Honey-onion combination will help get rid of it:

  1. Cut two onions into small pieces, mix with three tablespoons of the beekeeping product, two glasses of sugar. Pour in a small amount of water, cook for an hour, cool, drain the liquid. Take five times / day for a tablespoon.
  2. Squeeze juice from 500 g of bulbs, mix with 100 ml of liquid honey. Insist for 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally. Use a tablespoon / day, previously diluted with water. If you take white onions, then you need to drink two tablespoons 5-6 times / day, before taking it, it is recommended to warm the mixture.

Onion gruel with honey

A popular treatment option is to use onion gruel. Cough recipe with onion and honey:

  1. Leave the honey-onion mixture to infuse for two hours. Take 3-4 times / day for a teaspoon with food.
  2. Chop the onion, mix with a tablespoon of sugar and half a glass of water. Simmer for an hour, until moisture boils, eat a teaspoon with honey added throughout the day.
  3. Pass the onion through a blender or grate. Insist onion-honey mixture at room temperature for 3-4 hours. Take a teaspoon 2-3 times / day after meals. You can drink pulp with tea.

Onion with honey and garlic

If garlic is added to onion juice with cough honey, then the effect of the drug will increase, since garlic also helps with colds and disinfects. Mix an equal amount of onion and garlic, pour a small amount of water, cook until gruel, add honey. Take the mixture in a tablespoon 7-8 times / day to eliminate sore throat, cough.

With lemon

Onion honey is a great help in treating a child. If the baby does not tolerate bee products, then you can replace them with sugar. Grind the equal proportions of onion and lemon (with peel and seeds) with a blender, mix with the same amount of sugar or honey. Insist for 2-3 hours at room temperature, drink the allocated liquid in a tablespoon four times / day. Children should take a teaspoon twice / day.

Recipe with milk

Honey with cough onions can be enhanced by adding milk. For children and adults, recipes come in handy:

  1. Thinly chop the onion, pour a small amount of hot milk, leave to insist for an hour. Drink the honey-milk mixture in the evening in small sips for a week.
  2. From a sore throat, the mixture will help: grate a small onion on a fine grater, pour a glass of hot milk, wrap it with a towel, leave it to infuse for half an hour. Strain, mix with a teaspoon of liquid honey and drink. the course lasts until relief comes.

Wine Recipe

For the treatment of adults, onion-honey mixture with the addition of wine is suitable. A few recipes for cooking:

  1. Mix 500 ml of wine with onion-honey mixture in equal proportions. Leave the product for two weeks, strain, take a tablespoon four times / day.
  2. Mix 100 g of chopped onion with the same amount of liquid flower honey, pour 500 ml of dry wine in a glass jar. Insist in the dark for 10-14 days, filter, refrigerate. Take with a cold, cough, sore throat for a tablespoon three times / day.

To maintain immunity

Using onions with honey will help strengthen immunity, which will fight viruses and other pathogens. Cooking Recipes:

  1. Grind the same amount of onion and lemon, mix with honey, leave for a couple of hours. Take a tablespoon three times / day.
  2. Mix the juice of lemon, aloe, orange with chopped onion, honey, a small amount of walnuts. Take a spoon several times / day.
  3. Grind lemon, garlic, onions, add liquid bee nectar. Take a honey filling on a spoon in a two-week course. Therapy may be repeated several times / year.

Onion with honey from a cold

If the nasal mucosa becomes inflamed, mucus production increases and a runny nose appears. The causes of its occurrence are allergies, hypothermia, viral diseases (ARVI), infection. Recipes for the treatment of runny nose and nasal congestion:

  1. Mix onion-honey juice with aloe juice in equal proportions, add a little Vishnevsky ointment. Preheat the mixture, brush the nose bridge and lightly touch the nostrils. Use the product overnight for a week.
  2. Heat a glass of vegetable oil in a saucepan, but do not bring to a boil, add finely chopped onion, leave for 12 hours. Strain, mix with a teaspoon of honey, moisten cotton turunds, insert into the nose. Or just lubricate the resulting sinus.
  3. Take onion-honey pulp for a teaspoon three times / day.
  4. Grind the onion, pour water and boil, cool slightly and add a little honey from the honeycombs. Take inhalation 3-4 times / day.
  5. Combine onion-honey juice with eucalyptus oil, lubricate the sinuses once / day at night.

Contraindications and side effects

Onion-honey mixture has its contraindications and side effects. So, it is undesirable to consume more than two tablespoons of honey per day, otherwise an allergy may develop. Too much mixture can lead to irritation of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. Other restrictions:

  • It is forbidden to take the mixture for people with diseases of the kidneys or liver, stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer (exacerbation is possible).
  • You can not eat a lot of onions in cardiovascular diseases, because it increases pressure.
  • With bronchial asthma, onion-honey mixture can cause an attack or exacerbate the course of the disease.
  • Honey can cause allergies due to individual intolerance to the product.
  • It is forbidden to use beekeeping products for overweight people.
  • It is forbidden to heat the honey mixture, so carcinogens stand out.
  • It should reduce the consumption of the product for people with heart disease, disorders of the stomach, pancreas.


Anastasia, 37 years old I have long known about the beneficial properties of onion-honey mixture. My grandmother also treated me as a child with this combination of products. I also treat my children according to her recipe: I mix onion juice with a natural beekeeping product, insist, give a teaspoon for the night. This eliminates coughing attacks, the disease disappears in three days. Be sure to try it.
Vladimir, 45 years old. My wife is fond of traditional medicine, so we refused pharmacy medicines, completely switched to natural products. If I start coughing, she prepares me a special potion from baked onions with butter and honey. It is very tasty, but the main thing is useful. Two days of treatment - and there is no cough. It is also an excellent cold prevention.
Alexander, 32 years old. My mother is constantly treated with honey - he helps her from all diseases. So recently, she treated a runny nose with honey-onion juice, but was carried away, burned the mucous membrane. She will have a long recovery, because a large number of receptors are disrupted. Looking at her, I am convinced that traditional medicine is yesterday, better than special medicines.
Marina, 28 years old. When I was pregnant, I caught a cold and started coughing. It was impossible to be treated with the usual means, so I began to look for safe recipes for traditional medicine. The choice fell on the onion-honey mixture. It was not very tasty, but I overcame myself and did not regret it. In two days, the remedy softened coughing fits, and after five days healed me completely.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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