Horoscope for Cancer for 2018 - what awaits the representatives of the sign

People worry about the future, so they often turn to the stars to find out the predictions for their zodiac sign. Looking at the horoscope for Cancer for 2018, you will not only get acquainted with the description, characteristics of this zodiac constellation, but also find out what awaits you in the next 12 months. Last year ended successfully for Rakov, the Rooster took care of them and protected. The dog, when entering the house, brings calm, stability, confidence and provides protection.

What awaits the crayfish in 2018

The horoscope for Cancer for 2018 promises a good start. You can overcome difficult situations, do a lot of good things for yourself, close relatives and friends. The Earth Dog will make the love sphere stable for the Crayfish if they put some effort into it. Small troubles can happen in early March, but it will not last long, and by the beginning of April, luck will turn its face. By the end of spring, there will be a chance to implement the most daring ideas, creative projects.

The Year of the Dog for Cancer promises to be successful in terms of promotion, the acquisition of new business partners. A career horoscope says: you have to devote a lot of time to work, which can affect relationships with the opposite sex. By the end of summer, you will have to decide what you want more - work success or happiness in your personal life.

The description of the future 12 months shows that autumn will be interesting, fun, intense, but the beginning of winter may be marked by small troubles that arose due to the fault of the representatives of the sign, and not as a result of the influence of the moon. However, a positive attitude will not leave you, helping to overcome the difficulties that have arisen, to cope with ill-wishers.

Horoscope for Cancer Men

The astrological horoscope for 2018 to the male Cancer promises a lot of business events. New opportunities will open before you, profitable offers will come, you will conclude transactions, contracts aimed at improving the financial situation. Over the next 12 months, Cancer men will make far-reaching plans, develop strategies, attract colleagues and associates to their side: later they will give you an excellent description.

These actions will help you achieve your plan in the financial sphere, changes for the better will begin in life, you can recharge with positive emotions for the whole year. Most will have to work hard in the second half of the year. The competition will be worthy, you need to make every effort to achieve the desired goal, but you will not be alone in this fight, the Dog will provide a couple of chances for victory.

Horoscope for Woman Cancer

Astrological horoscope for 2018 Cancer woman promises well-being on the love front. A romantic adventure awaits the free, and family Crayfish will be happy in an existing relationship. The Yellow Dog recommends showing more activity, goodwill to strengthen the union. The coming year is favorable for marriage, just do not decide your fate in a hurry, carefully weigh the decision.

Do not start service romances, the characterization of the sign for women Cancers says that such relationships will not develop into a serious relationship. Some male friends can become candidates for the role of the main man in your life. However, do not rush to make such decisions, think carefully, listen to your intuition.

Love horoscope

The astrological love horoscope for Cancer for 2018 promises peace of mind and quiet family comfort to those who are married. Stars are advised to lonely Cancers not to sit idly by, but to be the initiator of the beginning of a relationship. In the spring, a romantic acquaintance is possible, which can develop into a long union or a happy marriage. Those who already have relationships, astrologers advise not to upset their chosen one in order to avoid unnecessary problems in the second half of the year of Earthen Dog.

2018 Health Horoscope for Cancer

The Yellow Dog recommends Cancers pay special attention to their health throughout 2018. Overexertion at work, an overabundance of emotions in a relationship can lead to a loss of strength, general weakness, and malaise. The horoscope recommends resting more, sleeping and eating normally, giving up junk food in favor of fresh fruits and vegetables, and not abusing alcohol, because good health is more expensive than short-term pleasures.

Particular attention should be paid to health in winter and early spring, there is a risk of getting a cold. Stars warn of a possible change in mood that will affect others, and the Yellow Dog advises us to fight this in every possible way, being a friendly creature, an opponent of quarrels, disagreements, misunderstandings. Cancer, driving a car, the horoscope strongly recommends that you be as careful while driving.

Family Life Forecast

As for the family horoscope, the forecast for Cancers for 2018 in this regard is very favorable. Respect, love and care for your loved ones comes first: in the next 12 months, your household will require a lot of attention. You will need to make many different investments (spiritual and material) for the benefit of your children, but these expenses will pay off with successes in studies, creativity or sports.

The horoscope advises not to plunge headlong into the family, and also to have an opinion, and not to please the parents in all. Major repairs, if you planned it, should also be postponed until better times. Somewhere from mid-autumn there will be an opportunity to go on vacation with the whole family. Do it for sure, because it will benefit all of you.

Horoscope of work and money

The first half of 2018 will seem boring to you, it will become uninteresting at work and there will be a desire to change your occupation. The stars advise to drive these thoughts out of my head, because the new work will bring with it a lot of financial difficulties, but the team will be unfriendly. It is better to put all your strength and potential into the implementation of the projects available here, which will not go unnoticed by the leadership. As a result, promotion, respect from colleagues and the praise of superiors are guaranteed to you.

In the next 6 months, Crayfish will be full of ideas, inspiration and creativity, which should be directed to the implementation of plans, achievement of goals. Horoscope calls not to overdo it and remember other areas of life: health, love, family, children. Solve problems as they arrive, do not run, otherwise worries about this will prevent you from achieving what you want in your work. During 2018, there will be many interesting proposals for work. Astrologers recommend abandoning transactions in the first half of the year, and in the second - consider only large projects.

Horoscope encourages you to better look at new friends and business partners. Many people will want to deceive you, try to get to know the person better, find out more information about him. Do not lie yourself either, mistress of the year - The dog does not like this, otherwise your deception will turn against you. Make purchases, large or small, deliberately, making sure that they are appropriate.

Children's horoscope for 2018 for Cancer

The coming year 2018 for the Baby Cancer will pass in thoughtfulness, silence. Parents should not be scared and try to stir the child, he’s just thinking about something now. Astrologers recommend that you behave more restrained, do not yell at your son or daughter, do not blame for laziness. All this can close it even more, but your baby needs support. Support him in everything, prompt, guide. A positive impact on your relationship is joint work - watching a movie, reading a book. Patience is the main motto for parents of such children.

Horoscope for Cancer 2018 year of birth

Predictions of astrologers differ for representatives of the zodiac sign depending on the year in which year of the animal from the Chinese horoscope they were born. Here is a sample description for each of the twelve:

  • Hard work and curiosity are the main qualities inherent in Cancer, under the influence of the Rat. In 2018, they may appear excessive. Stars advise you not to forget about the rest and go on time in time. After it, you will be much more efficient and useful. The astrological horoscope recommends in the coming year to begin the struggle with one of its bad qualities - swimming with the stream. You will have plenty of opportunities to change your life for the better.
  • Those born in the year of the Bull are very shy, shy, but they will have to go beyond their “soul cell”. Being in it for most of your life, you do not know how to get to know people and find a common language. Fix it with travel. The horoscope says that on one of the trips you will meet a good friend, love or get an offer to change jobs. A pleasant bonus will be a lot of positive emotions.
  • Those born under the sign of the Tiger are emotional in nature, which often goes beyond reasonable limits. The horoscope recommends fighting this quality and holding oneself in places where excessive emotionality is unacceptable. Astrologers predict many situations that will help realize their potential, and unnecessary emotions can interfere. It will not be easy to regain lost confidence, so hold back when necessary.
  • People under the patronage of the Cat have grace, charm and charm, which is impossible to hide from the opposite sex. Your gender admire you and try to imitate everything. Many views are always directed at you, and your task is to find your soul mate among them. Astrologers advise in the search for happiness not to forget about their professional duties and compete for a place in the sun.

  • Dragons are interesting personalities that many people fight for friendship. In them mobility, emotionality are combined with peacefulness, harmony, peace. In addition, there is always something to talk about with them, they are well-read, intelligent and reasonable. However, the horoscope says that in 2018 there will be a person who will attempt to "insert sticks into the wheels." It is not worth worrying about this, there will be no problems from such attempts.
  • Snakes prefer to stay away from being in the spotlight. You’d better be at work around the clock than hanging out with friends, but you won’t earn all the money. Even if you adore your occupation, it is not worth the physical exhaustion. Have a weekend and be sure to travel. Take a good look at new friends, do not fall for the scammers.
  • Everyone who is patronized by the Horse is distinguished by increased emotionality and vulnerability, which prevents them from easily meeting people, carefully choosing new friends. However, the horoscope predicts you other plans for 2018: there are big changes in the professional field, right up to the change of bosses. For Crayfish, they will be good; career advancement is possible. Personal life will also reach a new level: the lonely will meet their fate, and those married will refresh their feelings.
  • The goat favors people who are emotional, but who know how to extinguish their ardor. In addition, hard work is their middle name, they will carry out any, even the most unloved work with all responsibility. The biggest drawback of Cancers is their dependence on other people's opinions, and this needs to be changed. Start doing only what you want, stop worrying about what others will say. Only in this way will you become truly happy.
  • Monkeys are mobile, talented and enterprising, thanks to which they achieve great success at work. The horoscope for 2018 predicts the receipt of a large amount of money and advises you to invest it in the development of your own business. So you do not spend finances on unnecessary little things and secure a good future. The main thing is to carefully research the market to invest in a profitable business.
  • The personalities who were born in the year of the Rooster are enthusiastic people, a minute ago they read a book, and now they plunged into conversation with a friend with their heads. At work, good prospects will open, career advancement is possible, do not miss the chance. The horoscope recommends Cancers do not forget about themselves, relaxation and small pleasures, chasing professional successes. If you want to change your occupation, then the upcoming period is the most suitable time for this.
  • Born under the auspices of the Dog - emotional people, hiding feelings deep inside. Your relatives do not have enough warmth, attention, care, and they will try to get them. You should open up, give more love, affection, say the right words. The same applies to work, do not be afraid to become more proactive, until your place or position has not gone to another person.
  • Influenced by the Boar are optimistic, cheerful, initiative. Ahead is a period filled with new acquaintances, meetings. The flow of people is so stormy that it is difficult to understand where love is, where friendship is. Horoscope advises Cancer to take a break and deal with this issue. Possible meeting with a former loved one and a hint of a renewal of relations. Decide whether to step on the same rake again.

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