How to encode at home - reliable methods of folk and medication

Many people who decide to stop drinking, but are afraid to see a doctor, think about how to code at home - there are reliable ways to independently treat alcohol dependence, but a number of rules must be observed so as not to cause more harm to the body. There are several reliable coding methods at home that only a specialist can determine.

Home alcoholism treatment

Coding from alcoholic beverages is advisable to carry out at home if the patient does not consider himself an alcoholic, does not want to go to the clinic, does not want to stop drinking even with a serious health problem. To relieve addiction and remove the patient from hard drinking, many reliable methods have been developed, but home treatment will be effective if the patient himself seeks to achieve a positive result. It is very difficult to cure addiction without human consent. A motivating factor is needed, and then the specialist selects the course of therapy individually.

The following methods of getting rid of alcoholism are considered the most effective and reliable:

  1. Subcutaneous or intramuscular administration of drugs that cause intoxication of the body. After such coding, a person experiences vomiting, nausea, and profuse sweating. There is a fear of drinking strong drinks.
  2. Hypnosis coding. The procedure in which there is a suggestion of aversion to strong drinks. It is believed that a person at home is calm, relaxed, therefore more susceptible to hypnotic influence. This coding method does not work for everyone, often failures occur.
  3. Taking pills is a reliable way of coding. The drugs effectively remove toxins and reduce alcohol dependence. The drug for alcoholism should be selected by a narcologist.

What is coding?

Many alcoholics, as well as their relatives, often wonder what coding is and can it be done at home? The psychotherapeutic effect on the patient in order to eliminate the psychological dependence on alcoholic beverages is called coding. This method works best with patients who are easy to hypnosis. When coding, a doctor acts on a person’s subconscious to create disgust, fear of alcohol.

After the procedure, the patient begins to develop a conditioned reflex, as a result of which a person will only feel disgust and fear when drinking alcohol. This reliable treatment has been used for over 50 years. Coding at home should be carried out by a qualified specialist (narcologist, psychiatrist). In addition, such a procedure can be done only subject to the patient’s personal desire.

When is

Narcologist at home - this service is very popular in modern society. You can quit drinking using coding if the person realizes the need for treatment, but does not want to go to the clinic or is not physically capable. Relatives call for narcological assistance if it is necessary to remove a person from a prolonged binge, after which the doctor suggests that they encode the patient. Being close to the family and receiving proper care, the addicted to alcohol will quickly recover, easier to get used to a new lifestyle.

Coding is carried out with the consent of the patient, often this procedure is done anonymously. At the same time, the main task of relatives is to ensure that the patient does not take alcohol-containing drinks throughout the treatment. Any method of coding should begin with a conversation during which the doctor studies the medical history, identifies contraindications to the coding. The dependent receives permission to conduct the procedure only after the specialist is convinced of its safety for the health of the alcoholic.

Drug Addiction Treatment

The use of drugs in coding is the most common and reliable way to treat chronic alcoholism. The action of drugs develops rapidly and can last in different ways, based on the form, dose, method of administration, life situations and individual characteristics of the body. The advantages of this method are:

  • availability;
  • effective to prevent relapse of the disease;
  • suitable for the treatment of any stage of alcoholism;
  • a wide range of drugs;
  • the only treatment for alcohol substitutes poisoning.

Drug treatment at home should be coordinated with a narcologist. Typically, brain receptor inhibitors are used for coding. The main representatives of this group are drugs based on Naltrexone, which are available in prolonged capsules, tablets, solutions for injection. All drugs are divided into three types:

  • relieve cravings for strong drinks;
  • cause an aversion to alcohol;
  • relieve a hangover.

Disgusting Drugs

The main group of drugs for chemical coding is based on the properties of disulfiram. The active substances of such agents block the work of liver enzymes, which should break down alkotoxins into harmless components. At the same time, the toxic effect of the accumulated decay products of ethyl alcohol increases.

Taking such medications along with alcohol provokes a deterioration in the patient's condition and causes a reaction: vomiting, nausea, tachycardia, asthma attacks, digestion. Symptoms of aversion to alcohol are so pronounced that the patient is forced to give up drinking alcohol on pain of death. The most popular drugs for alcoholism:

  • Colme. The product is sold in the form of drops, tablets. Take the drug inside 3-4 times a day. With the reaction of alcohol with the active substance of the drug, cyanamide, the level of acetaldehyde in the patient's blood rises. At the same time, the patient experiences an attack of severe intoxication. Colme is a pill for alcoholism without consequences, but you can not take medication for people with cirrhosis, heart disease, diseases of the nervous system, pregnant women.
  • Esperal. Alcohol addiction tablets contain disulfiram, which is involved in the metabolism of ethanol. At the same time, alcohol does not break down, the level of toxins increases, which leads to severe poisoning. The medicine is allowed for use at home, but, at the same time, the dose prescribed by the doctor should not be exceeded. The reaction of the body with the long use of tablets: gastritis, hepatitis, psychosis, cerebral thrombosis, exacerbation of polyneuritis.

Craving Pills

To get rid of alcohol addiction and get out of hard drinking, in modern medicine there is a huge amount of drugs that can be used at home. In order not to harm the body, to avoid the side effects of an overdose, you should consult a doctor. The most common medications that reduce craving for a drink are:

  • Methadoxyl. The drug relieves withdrawal symptoms, accelerates the removal of ethanol, activates the work of enzymes that break down acetaldehyde. With the constant use of 500 mg of the active substance, the patient increases resistance to alcohol. Side effects: allergic reactions, the appearance of bronchospasm.
  • Torpedo. Suturing of the drug subcutaneously combined with hypnotic effects. Disulfiram, which is part of the capsule, has an effect on the liver, so it ceases to process ethanol. The encoding period for Torpedo is approximately one year. The occurrence of nausea, dizziness, convulsions and other negative sensations while taking the medication is associated with acetaldehyde poisoning.


If a person abuses alcohol for a long time, then his body is subjected to severe poisoning with ethyl alcohol. To quickly remove the patient from a state of binge, doctors often prescribe droppers. It is best to call a narcologist for the procedure with the infusion solution, who has his own equipment, certificate, and medication. Only a specialist can correctly make a dropper for detoxification. Intravenous injections to suppress cravings for alcohol are injected into a vein using a syringe.

As a rule, drugs used by a doctor have a tranquilizing effect, improve mood, have an antidepressant effect, and increase efficiency. However, they make any use of alcohol life-threatening. The composition of the dropper for coding involves the use of glucose with insulin, soda solution, detoxifying agents (Hemodez or Gelatinol) and polyionic solutions (Disol). There are several types of droppers that are used to remove a person from binge:

  • Blood thinners. The alternation of saline and glucose occurs, due to this, the concentration of alcohol in the blood of the patient decreases, the supply of fluid increases.
  • Enriching with vitamins. In order to cope with alcohol faster, vitamins are often added to glucose-saline solution: B1, PP, cocarboxylase.
  • Ensuring liver safety. The main metabolism of alcohol-containing drinks occurs in the liver, so the doctor may prescribe an dropper with Essentiale to restore the organ. The product neutralizes intestinal poisons, prevents liver enzymes from being damaged.

Coding at home

If a person does not want to be treated for alcohol dependence in a specialized clinic, then coding can be carried out at home. In this case, the procedure should definitely be trusted by a qualified narcologist who must have the appropriate equipment and a certificate for such a service. Home coding has certain advantages:

  • round-the-clock service;
  • anonymity;
  • the session lasts about two hours;
  • constant monitoring of the patient's condition;
  • comfortable habitual conditions.


Today there are a huge number of reliable coding techniques for alcoholism. All types can conditionally be divided into two types: psychotherapeutic and medication. The use of drugs is a reliable method, while a person can for a long time refuse to use strong drinks. The principle of psychotherapy is based on suggestion. The coding procedure is carried out in a state of hypnotic sleep, during which the specialist works with the patient’s subconscious, makes an installation to refuse alcohol. The most famous methods are:

  • Method Dovzhenko. The patient can be put into hypnosis or left awake, while he is convinced of the benefits of a sober life. The doctor instills a steady aversion to alcohol. Such treatment is effective if a person has a motive for getting rid of alcoholism.
  • Anchor hypnosis. The technique of using anchors is considered effective and reliable in the fight against alcohol dependence. Such points are in the subconscious of any person. The task of the therapist is to correctly identify the anchors. Emotional positive, negative bursts from life can be used in a hypnosis session. If the installation is disturbed, a mental disorder often appears, so a specialist should deal with coding.

Is it possible to encode a person without his consent

Alcoholism is a serious illness that a person is not able to get rid of on his own. Coding at home is a good reliable option to get rid of dependency, but you cannot force a procedure to be done. The person himself must give permission to conduct the encoding. The exception is alcoholics who have committed serious crimes while intoxicated, and who were referred for treatment by court order.

It is almost impossible to wean a person from drinking strong drinks, because only the joint efforts of a psychiatrist, narcologist, psychologist, support from relatives and the desire of an alcoholic will help to forget about addiction forever. The patient’s knowledge of how and why he is being treated, the desire to achieve a result is the key to success in the fight against alcoholism!

Folk remedies

Along with medications, herbal therapy can be used to combat alcohol addiction. The following recipes are the most popular and reliable:

  • Bitter herbal infusion. To prepare the medicine you need to take 4 tsp. thyme, 1 tsp. wormwood and centaury. A tablespoon of the dry mixture should be poured with boiling water, then insisted for two hours. Take the infusion should be 2 tbsp. l half an hour before meals 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 3 months.
  • A decoction of a club-shaped clown. It will help stop drinking dry plant powder (10 g), which must be poured with a glass of boiling water. Half a portion of the broth should be drunk with 50 g of vodka. There will be severe nausea and rejection of any alcohol.
Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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