Electric coffee grinder - how to choose for the house by type, capacity, manufacturing materials, brands and prices

Ground coffee, which is very popular, has an amazing aroma, indescribable bitterness and thick, which remains at the bottom of the cup. To prepare it, you need coffee beans and an electric coffee grinder, an inexpensive millstone or rotary version of which will help solve the problem in a matter of seconds.

Types of electric coffee grinders

To choose an electric coffee grinder from the wide variety available, you will need to determine the optimal capacity, engine power, on which the grinding speed, size, etc. depend. In addition, to answer the question which coffee grinder is best to buy for the home, you need to choose the optimal mechanism. Depending on the design and mechanism, such devices are divided into knife (rotary, rotary) and millstones.

Millstone coffee grinder

The millstone technique has an operating principle similar to that of classic hand mills for grinding grain. The design provides for the presence of two stainless steel discs, between which coffee beans are frayed. At its core, it is an electric mill. Using an electric coffee grinder with flat or conical millstones, you can set the desired degree of grinding. The setting is made using automation. Modern millstones have 10-15 grinding modes.

Knife coffee grinder

You can order a device for grinding grain in any specialized online store with delivery by mail to Moscow, St. Petersburg or another city in the country. First, pay attention to the device with rotary knives: its design provides for a plastic / metal case, inside which the motor is hidden. At the bottom of the rotary model, the chopper rotates - a special knife. The container volume in household appliances ranges from 30-120 g. The principle of operation of knife electric coffee grinders is simple: the longer the grains are grinded, the finer they are.

The best electric coffee grinders

To get high-quality grinding, you do not need to save too much. Choose a bowl volume that suits you, metal or plastic housing, capacity, size, etc. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of both professional and household electric coffee grinders to choose from. Here is a list of the most popular devices with good speed and long life:

  • Cunill Brasil;
  • Rommelsbacher EKM 300;
  • Nivona NIGS 130 Café Grano;
  • Simbo SCM-2934;
  • Bosch MKM 6000/6003;
  • UNIT UGG-112;
  • Caso Coffee Flavor;
  • Polaris PCG 0815A;
  • VITEK VT-1542;
  • Mikma ECMU IP-30.


When planning to buy an electric grinder for your home inexpensively, pay attention to the products of the Russian brand Vitek. This brand of home appliances and electronics, is the leading in the country. A good option would be a rotary device. At the same time, note that the higher the engine power, the longer it can rotate the knife - this has a positive effect on the grinding, which becomes thinner. A good acquisition would be:

  • model name: VITEK VT-1542;
  • price: 1690 p.;
  • characteristics: rotational, power - 130 W, capacity - 70 g;
  • pluses: convenience, good speed;
  • Cons: short cord.

When using a rotary device, remember safety, because the knife in it remains outside. In this regard, many modern models are equipped with a special locking system, for example, this:

  • model name: VITEK VT-7123;
  • price: 1240 p.;
  • characteristics: rotational, power - 150 W, capacity - 50 g, there is protection against overheating, a stainless steel case;
  • pluses: reasonable cost;
  • Cons: a relatively small amount.


On sale you can find a lot of electric grinders of the Polaris company, which is an international manufacturer of household appliances, goods for beauty and health, etc. The optimal electric coffee grinder should have a low speed and power of 100 watts. The fact is that a high rotation speed is not suitable for grinding beans into espresso. The performance of the device depends not only on speed, but also on the size of knives and millstones. Some powerful electric devices have an adjustment of the degree of grinding, which is convenient. A budget option:

  • model name: Polaris PCG 0914;
  • price: 825 r.;
  • characteristics: power - 140 W, capacity - 60 g, type - rotational, there is a pulse mode;
  • pluses: cheap, good design;
  • cons: coarse grinding.

When planning to facilitate the grinding process of coffee beans, pay attention to the Polaris with a power of 150 watts. You can purchase a device in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in other cities of the country:

  • model name: Polaris PCG 0815A;
  • price: 1600 r.;
  • characteristics: power - 150 W, capacity - 70 g, rotary with pulse mode;
  • pluses: capacity, size of grinding;
  • cons: it is inconvenient to pour out coffee.


In order for an electric coffee grinder to meet your expectations during its operation, take this acquisition seriously. Some devices have additional features. It’s good if the coffee grinder you choose has a timer. With its help, in the rotary technology it is possible to adjust the degree of grinding, and in some coffee grinders equipped with cylindrical millstones or others - the amount of ground coffee. Scarlet Compact Rotary Type:

  • model name: Scarlett SL-1545;
  • price: 1699 p.;
  • characteristics: power - 150 W, capacity - 70 g, there is a pulse mode, a cord winder;
  • pluses: small size, stylish design, fine grinding;
  • Cons: the cord is short.

Scarlett is a Russian-Chinese trademark that sells small-sized household appliances. Another rotary electric appliance of the brand:

  • model name: Scarlett SC-4245;
  • price: 960 p.;
  • characteristics: power - 130 W, volume - 40 g, there is a device for winding the cord, weight - 750 g;
  • pluses: compactness, relatively cheap;
  • Cons: low capacity, short cord.


The products of the German Bosch group of companies (Robert Bosch GmbH) are considered one of the most popular and recognizable in the world. Electric coffee grinders are no exception in this case. Customers give them preference for reliability, good quality and performance. Alternatively, you may be comfortable with the rotational type device described below:

  • model name: Bosch MKM 6000/6003;
  • price: 1271 r .;
  • characteristics: power - 180 W, container volume - 75 g, a special inclination of the bottom of the bowl for uniform chopping;
  • pluses: productivity, quality of grinding;
  • cons: there is no device for winding the cord.

The plastic case of the following equipment has an elegant white color, excellent parameters and a low price, and the length of the power cord is 1.1 m. The popularity here is clear:

  • model name: Bosch MKM-7000;
  • price: 587 r.;
  • characteristics: power - 120 W, container volume - 250 g, 11 steps for adjusting the degree of grinding;
  • pluses: big load, low cost;
  • cons: no cord winder.


Espresso connoisseurs demand Kambrook electric coffee grinders. This Australian company was founded back in 1964, its equipment appeared on the domestic market in 2000. The company offers a choice of high-quality and reliable electrical appliances. When buying such a technique, pay attention to any little things - the design of the case, the color and even the length of the cord. One of the best options:

  • model name: Kambrook ACG300;
  • price: 1890 p.;
  • characteristics: power - 150 W, grain loading - 45 g, power cord - 1 m, weight - 630 g;
  • pluses: easy, convenient, there is a function of grinding spices;
  • cons: a little inconvenient to remove ground coffee.


Home appliances of this brand are presented mainly in the markets of Eastern Europe and the CIS. If you decide to purchase a professional electric coffee grinder, then pay attention to the device with stainless steel conical millstones. Thanks to them, it is possible to achieve the most uniform grinding and optimal rotation speed. The presence of adjustment will help to vary the grinding of beans in accordance with the type of coffee, the method of preparation of the drink and the type of roasting:

  • model name: Bork J800;
  • price: 17880 r.;
  • characteristics: 25 degrees of grinding, millstones - conical, power - 165 W, capacity for grains - 450 g, cord length - 0.9 m, weight - 6.6 kg;
  • pluses: the ability to grind spices, excellent performance;
  • cons: high cost, weight.

Get acquainted with the characteristics of a stylish and compact device equipped with two types of knives. They are suitable not only for grinding grains, but even for spices, nuts, sugar and dried fruits:

  • model name: Bork J500;
  • price: 4590 r .;
  • characteristics: power - 200 W, capacity - 75 g, removable bowls - 2, power cord - 0.9 m, weight - 1 kg;
  • pluses: multifunctionality, excellent quality;
  • cons: is a little expensive.


Before you buy such equipment for your home, pay attention to the line of the French brand Moulinex - founded in 1937. Electric coffee grinders of this brand are relatively inexpensive and reliable, have various functions and are presented in a classic and modern design. Rotary type device:

  • model name: Moulinex AR 1108;
  • price: 1899 p.;
  • characteristics: power - 180 W, container volume - 50 g, materials - plastic, stainless steel;
  • pluses: there is a timer, suitable for grinding spices, nuts, chocolate, interesting design;
  • Cons: relatively small capacity.

The next option is a simple and reliable technique that will last a long time. It has a special recess for the cord, providing ease of storage:

  • model name: Moulinex AR 105 G 3E;
  • price: 1390 r.;
  • characteristics: grinding system - rotary knife, volume - 50 g, power - 180 W, case - made of metal, weight - 900 g;
  • pluses: reliability, interesting design;
  • Cons: a small amount of container for grains.


The Italian group company De'Longhi is one of the world's largest manufacturers of household appliances. It was founded in 1902. In addition to all kinds of kitchen and climatic equipment, the Italian manufacturer also sells electric coffee grinders. Before you give preference to any product, check out the offers of several stores. It is possible to purchase an interested device for a home at a discount if you get to a stock or a sale - many companies often carry them out. One of the brand's coffee grinders:

  • model name: De'Longhi KG 40;
  • price: 1990 p.;
  • characteristics: power - 150 W, a removable container is designed for 90 g, there are brushes for cleaning;
  • pluses: the presence of a compartment for storing the cord;
  • Cons: a bit pricey.

Another convenient device from an Italian company is an electric grain grinder for a fragrant drink. Her millstones are made of stainless steel:

  • model name: De'Longhi KG 79;
  • price: 4490 p.;
  • characteristics: power - 120 W, container volume - 120 g, cord length - 0.9 m, weight - 1.7 kg;
  • pluses: there is an adjustment of the degree of grinding, a compartment for the cord;
  • Cons: high cost.


This brand of household appliances is domestic. Electric coffee grinders sold under this brand have good performance with compact dimensions and reasonable cost. When buying, it would be nice to make sure that the device has a place for the cord so that it does not interfere while using the device. One of the popular electric coffee grinders with a rotary knife:

  • model name: Redmond RCG-M1606;
  • price: 1686 r.;
  • characteristics: power - 150 W, capacity - 60 g, material - stainless steel;
  • pluses: there is a compartment for storing the power cord, good chopping speed;
  • cons: no adjustment of the degree of grinding.

The next device is a new elegant technique with an excellent design from the unique Chrome & Bronze series and an ultra-sharp knife. The case is made of steel (stainless):

  • model name: Redmond RCG-CBM1604;
  • price: 2309 r.;
  • characteristics: power - 200 W, capacity - 50 g, cord length - 0.95 m;
  • pluses: the presence of a compartment for the cord, good performance;
  • Cons: cost, relatively small volume.


Under this brand, a large assortment of household appliances is produced, which has been sold on the domestic market for more than 10 years. Alternatively, you may be interested in one of the brand’s budgetary electric coffee grinders. The rotational type device described below is cheaper in comparison with analogues from Redmond, De'Longhi and other brands. More details:

  • model name: Lumme LU-2601;
  • price: 489 r.;
  • characteristics: power - 150 W, volume - 150 g, there is a pulse mode;
  • pluses: low cost, design, good build quality;
  • Cons: fragile plastic lids, it is difficult to shake out coffee.

For better products you have to pay an order of magnitude more. The device from Lumme with an aesthetic case, which can have black, red and some other colors:

  • model name: Lumme LU-2603;
  • price: 1100 r.;
  • characteristics: power - 200 W, container volume - 50 g, there is a pulse mode;
  • pluses: excellent performance, good grinding;
  • Cons: for this price, there is no grinding setting.


Under this German brand, household appliances designed for the kitchen and home are also produced and sold. Clatronic electric coffee grinders have an attractive design, good build quality and relatively low cost. The best choice would be a device that has a cord winder. It is a coffee grinder with a stainless steel bowl:

  • model name: Clatronic KSW 3307;
  • price: 1290 p.;
  • characteristics: power - 120 W, the maximum dose for grinding - 40 g, the presence of a pulse mode;
  • pluses: a convenient cover, works relatively quietly, reasonable cost;
  • Cons: lack of adjustment of the grinding level, small volume.

Another equally attractive product is a device with a crushing shock mechanism. The device is a real find both for gourmets (allows you to grind nuts and spices), and for lovers of tasty and aromatic ground coffee:

  • model name: Clatronic KSW 3306;
  • price: 990 r.;
  • characteristics: power - 120 W, the maximum dose for grinding - 40 g, there is a pulse mode;
  • pluses: quiet, inexpensive, comfortable;
  • cons: no adjustment of the degree of grinding, small capacity.


Under this brand, which is widely used in Russia and the CIS countries, small household appliances of the budget price segment are sold: vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters, kettles, heaters, etc. The company offers a choice of several electric coffee grinders of popular models. For example, a powerful machine with a sharp stainless steel knife that can quickly grind coffee beans:

  • model name: Atlanta ATH-272;
  • price: 990 r.;
  • characteristics: power - 120 W, container capacity - 65 g, material - plastic;
  • pluses: there is a compartment for the cord, affordable cost;
  • cons: does not regulate the degree of grinding.

Another, no less powerful option, the case of which is made of high quality plastic - Atlanta ATH-276. The device is equipped with a tight-fitting lid:

  • model name: Atlanta ATH-276;
  • price: 779 r.;
  • characteristics: power - 180 W, container capacity - 75 g, material - plastic;
  • Pros: affordable cost;
  • cons: suitable only for coarse grinding, while there is no adjustment.


The Irit brand is focused on meeting the needs of the general public. This brand appeared on the market in 1996. All of its products are manufactured in China and go through a 2-step quality control. To find out how much the grinder costs on average, check out the prices of several products by comparing them with each other. Rotary type device:

  • model name: Irit IR-5303;
  • price: 599 p.;
  • characteristics: power - 100 W, capacity - 70 g, weight - 600 g, there is a pulse mode;
  • pluses: low cost, relatively quiet;
  • cons: not powerful enough.

Another compact option with a transparent cover, which does not take up much space in the kitchen.Protection against overheating and accidental switching on will save the device for a long time:

  • model name: Irit IR-5016;
  • price: 399 p.;
  • Characteristics: power - 120 W, capacity - 85 g, package weight - 490 g;
  • pluses: it is cheap, a relatively large capacity for coffee beans;
  • Cons: fragile plastic covers.

How to choose an electric coffee grinder

When choosing a suitable device, pay attention to the availability of additional amenities: a timer, protection against overheating, tempera (special press), space for the cord. They will greatly simplify the grinding process of coffee beans. Particularly important attention should be paid to the choice of mejdu with rotary and millstones. The following recommendations will help you with this:

  • When choosing a knife (rotary) device, pay attention to the shape and material of the knives. If they are single and straight, then the contents will not be mixed - the grains will turn out in different shapes and sizes. Preference is best given to double knives of a curved type. Unlike millstones, rotary in most cases have one compartment - both the crushed product and the one that was beyond the power of the knife fall into it.
  • Millstones have two tanks. They have the function of adjusting the degree of grinding of coffee beans. Many models have a special dosing system. True, unlike rotary, millstone electrical equipment cannot be turned off until the end of the cycle.


Andrey, 32 years old. I ordered a compact and relatively inexpensive electrical equipment VITEK VT-1542 130 W. The durable metal case is very convenient. The technique is easy to use, the lid closes tightly. It works quickly and relatively quietly. Could make the cord 20-30 cm longer. In addition, the button on the lid is not convenient enough.
Guzel, 27 years old. Acquired in one of Bosch MKM 6000/6003 specialized stores with a simple design. Satisfied with the purchase, as the device is easy to use and does not work too noisy, like some other analogues. In addition, I note the power, quality of grinding. True, cleaning it is not so easy, and it can be difficult to pour out coffee.
George, 39 years old Considered almost two dozen proposals, in the end I liked the electric coffee grinder Polaris PCG 1017, worth almost 1,200 rubles. It is stylish, has good performance and a power-on lock function with the cover removed. The bowl in which the coffee is ground is not removed and there is no device for winding the cord.

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